September 28, 2022

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Gegara is often teased by sellers when he buys ice cubes, Bocil does the unexpected

Who here likes to play pranks? It’s sometimes funny to make fun of a child who is still innocent.

However, if it’s too much fun, he’ll definitely get retaliated. This is what is experienced by the seller of ice cubes who get retaliated.

In the video re-uploaded by the Instagram account ngakaksehat, the seller serves the buyer a little boy. He idly cut the plastic end of the ice cube so that the little boy had trouble carrying it.

“Smack is not just any kiddo,” wrote the uploader as a video description as quoted by, Monday (13/6/2022).

This is because the seller did not give plastic bags to the child either. It seems that the ice cube sellers are often just having fun with this.

As a result, the little boy memorized the fad of this ice cube seller. The little boy didn’t want the trouble of carrying cold ice cubes with only his bare hands.

Therefore, the little boy anticipated if the ice cube seller made fun of him again. Sure enough, the ice cube seller is another fad, luckily from home he anticipates.

The boy laughed at the ice cube seller who made fun of him for the umpteenth time. The little boy now takes a toy truck as a place to transport ice cubes without a plastic tip.

Anticipate Before You Get Fooled

Anticipate bringing a toy truck to put ice cubes. (Instagram/laughs)

The boy was freed from the torment of carrying cold ice cubes without a handle and a plastic bag. He can also casually bring the ice cubes home.

Meanwhile, the seller of ice cubes who originally wanted to make fun of them got hit back. Just uploaded two hours ago, the video has already garnered 351,000 views on reels and 19.3 thousand likes.

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Netizens who watched immediately wrote various responses in the comments column of this video upload. Not a few netizens said that the smart kid had already prepared an umbrella before it rained.

“Want to prank get pranked,” wrote one netizen.

“Smart, got pranked back,” added another.

“It’s been done many times, he brought a truck,” said another.

“Frequently jailed means, already immune to have an antidote,” another comment.

“The real prepares an umbrella before it rains,” another netizen said.