December 6, 2022

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Gabee and Rian LACHICHA admit they were discriminated against when they were rookies

In the MBN and ENA PLAY station program “Not just Staycation, Suite Room Staycation” which aired on the afternoon of yesterday (20/6/22), actress So Yi-hyun, dancer from the LACHICA group, Gabee and Rian together visited a restaurant. gamjatang which has been around for 20 years.

quote KBIZoom, while talking about various things while enjoying the dishes served, So Yi-hyun asked the other two guests how their lives as dancers were. Gabee and Rian said they loved dancing since childhood. So, they became dancers.

(Because they love dance so much) the two even added that money was not a problem for them. So Yi-hyun, who was listening to this, asked, “I wonder what was the most difficult thing when you were still unknown and still being rookie.”

Rian began to answer the question with a serious look, he then shared his sad experience at the beginning of his career as a dancer, “There are many things that make me sad by being a backup dancer for singers.”

Furthermore, he also revealed, “I’ve also heard people say, ‘This is a toilet for celebrities, use something else,'” hearing this, he admitted that he was very hurt.

Gabee also had a similar experience, he repeated Rian’s words and added, “They said it was a toilet that only singers used, and told dancers to look for toilets elsewhere.” Rian expressed his frustration when he was discriminated against as an artist.

Meanwhile, Gabee and Rian admit their anxiety at the thought that the popularity they gained from Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” could end at any time.

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In response, So Yi-hyun sincerely encouraged them that their efforts so far were well supported and that they would not easily collapse.

LACHICA itself is a dance group that graduated from the survival program “Street Woman Fighter” which was broadcast in 2021 ago. Now LACHICA has three members, namely Gabee as the leader along with two other members, Rian and Simeez.

In SWF, LACHICA won third place, following HolyBang and HOOK who took first and second place respectively in the competition.

LACHICA itself has created many choreographies for famous idols such as Jessi’s ‘Zoom’, Aespa’s ‘Next Level’, TWICE’s ‘Perfect World’, and many more.