September 27, 2022

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Funny! Viral Moments Vittinghus Asks To Be Treated By Indomie by Anthony Ginting during an Interview

Badminton Championship Indonesia Open 2022 round of 16 again presents an interesting event. After having to tackle each other, the badminton player from Denmark HK. Vittinghus and the host’s mainstay, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting showed a real closeness between the two of them.

In that match, it was HK Vittinghus who had to recognize Ginting’s toughness with a score of 21-17 and 21-9, and had to end his work in Indonesia Open this year’s edition. Uniquely, even though he had to lose to one of his biggest enemies, the 36-year-old Danish player did not show any protracted sadness. Instead, he teased Ginting to treat him to Indomie, one of the famous instant noodle brands from Indonesia.

Join the Ginting Interview

The moment when HK. Vittinghus joined in and asked Ginting to treat Indomie (Instagram @bwf.official)

In the post-match interview, Vittinghus suddenly join in, and say “He owes me Indomie Now” or if translated into Indonesian it becomes more or less “He owes Indomie to me now”.

The temptation was responded to with a laugh from Anthony Ginting, which seemed to indicate a gesture of not objecting to what the Danish player asked. Vittinghus’s action was uploaded by Instagram bwf.officialthe official account of the world’s badminton parent, and was given the simple caption “Maybe.. Erm” and insert the hashtag “ThePowerOfIndomie”.

Suddenly the upload provoked a reaction from netizens. Until this article was written, at least the upload of Vittinghus’s request to Ginting to treat Indomie had received 102 thousand likes and more than 1000 comments.

Of the various comments that exist and are dominated by Indonesian netizens, most of them certainly responded positively to Vittinghus’ request and were no less funny.

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Like an example account @ismymy13 who asked Ginting to give the Danish player Indomie one box at a time. “love a small, Ting,” he wrote. Likewise with the account @kimberlyfrny who judged that Vittinghus was really addicted to the domestically made noodle products. “I’m really addicted to Indomie, om Vitinghus,” he said.

Comments that are no less funny are also given by the account @dindinayuu, who requested that Vittinghus be appointed as Brand Ambassador Indomie Danish branch. “The Indomie case in Bali is still ongoing. Kuy (yuk) appoints Vittinghus to be the BA (Brand Ambassador) of Indomie Denmark branch,” write in the comments column.

It’s Not Just Happening This Time

The moment Vittinghus got Indomie's post (instagram @hkvitthingus)
The moment Vittinghus got Indomie’s post (instagram/@hkvitthingus)

The story between Vittinghus and Indomie was not the only time this happened. Previously, the player who plans to retire next year also received a shipment of hundreds of Indomie packages in 2021 from Axton Salim, the owner of the company, after previously receiving a similar gift from Ginting.

In fact, this news also caught the attention of the international news channel archyde which reported that HK. Vittinghus has received 160 packs of Indomie for accidentally “rescuing” Ginting to qualify for the event BWF World Tours 2020 in Thailand. In the match which was held in January 2020, Vittinghus indirectly helped Anthony Ginting qualify after defeating Hong Kong representative Lee Cheuk Yiu in the quarter-finals. Toyota Thailand Openn.

Well, that was the viral news when Vittinghus asked Indomie to treat him.