September 26, 2022

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Funny! This Boy Exchanges Money at the Store Makes Parents Cry in the Middle of the Night

Children’s behavior always steals the attention. Their behavior at a young age often makes them laugh.

This boy’s behavior in exchanging money at the store succeeded in making his parents gasp in the middle of the night. His behavior was caught on the store’s CCTV camera and the video was re-uploaded by the association’s Instagram account.

“Fidly checking CCTV found something like this in the middle of the night,” written in the video as quoted by, Thursday (22/09/2022).

The boy entered his parents’ clothing store. He went to his parents’ shop because he was told to exchange money.

Before exchanging money, this boy showed a Rp 50,000 sheet to CCTV. Only then did he open the cashier’s drawer to take out the denominations that were exchanged.

Interestingly, the boy did not immediately take the denomination which was exchanged for Rp. 50 thousand. However, he showed one by one the bills starting from Rp. 10,000 and Rp. 5,000 to CCTV.

Midnight Fools

This boy’s behavior in exchanging money made his parents giddy in the middle of the night. (Instagram/ association)

He also pointed his finger while counting the fraction sheets at CCTV so that the number really matched. His expression when showing the count of bills to CCTV looked serious.

“Do my son when asked to change money in the drawer,” his parents said with a laughing emoji.

Before leaving the cash register, the boy repeated the count. After checking the CCTV, the boy then left.

The video of the boy exchanging money in the cashier drawer of his parents’ clothing store was immediately flooded with various comments from netizens.

“Since you were young, you have been honest, until you are old, you must be lucky, son!” a netizen commented.

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“Because it’s getting harder and harder to find honest people in Wakanda, until you grow up to be an honest person,” said another.

“Trauma of being slandered, taking drawer money,” said another.

“I’m so sick of being accused of taking money in a drawer, so it’s like that,” added another.

“An honest child, but really funny, brother,” other netizens’ comments.

So far, the video of the boy’s hilarious action exchanging money in the cashier’s drawer has received 66.6 thousand views and 3.2 thousand likes.