August 14, 2022

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Funny, NCT Dream Releases Beatbox Dance Practice Video in School Uniform

NCT Dream once again entertained fans with their hilarious behavior through the Beatbox song dance practice video. Quoting from the official YouTube account NCT Dreamon June 23, 2022 yesterday, the members of NCT Dream again surprised their fans through the dance practice video for the song ‘Beatbox’ which has been waiting for a long time.

Previously, NCT Dream had also released a performance video as well as a choreography video for the song ‘Beatbox’ by wearing costumes and setting where the ‘Beatbox’ music video was taken.

Unlike the two videos that have been uploaded previously, the dance practice video this time feels more special and has been eagerly awaited by NCTzens (NCT fans) because previously the NCT Dream members had promised to wear school uniforms when performing the encore for the victory of the song ‘Beatbox’ at weekly music event.

However, unfortunately they did not have the opportunity to do this because several members had been exposed to Covid-19 when they were promoting the song.

That’s why the NCT Dream members fulfilled their promise to fans to wear school uniforms while dancing to the choreography of the song ‘Beatbox’.

NCT Dream opened their dance practice video by pretending to be doing something when Mark called out to them one by one like the scene in the music video.

The hilarious behavior of the NCT Dream members successfully made fans entertained. Not only that, throughout the duration of the dance practice video, several members were seen changing their choreography and playing around amidst the sharp and dynamic dance moves they performed.

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Jaemin crouched happily while walking followed by Jeno, Mark, and Jisung. Haechan also changed his choreography when he got a part in a duet with Jaemin.

Chenle and Jisung didn’t want to be left behind either, and acted fighting each other when their duet part arrived.

In this dance practice video, NCT Dream really explores their role as schoolgirls who are noisy and having fun, but still show a cool synchronization of dance moves.

At the end of the song’s closing, Renjun confidently took off his uniform jacket, making the other members surprised too. As a result, Haechan took off his jacket, and at the end of the song, all the members took off their jackets and threw them on the floor.

Well, their silliness only ends until the video runs out. Chenle and Haechan even came closer to the camera and put on their faces while saying ‘I’m so sexy’, and managed to make the other members laugh.

NCTzens who watched this dance practice video also felt comforted and thanked NCT Dream. The era of promotion of the song ‘Beatbox’ may be over, but fans are very grateful that the NCT Dream members enjoyed their promotion period and shared many happy memories with fans.