December 1, 2022

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Fuji’s Wrath His Mother Was Insulted During Live Selling Until She Was Crying, Dewi Zuhriati Calmed The Princess

Some time ago, Dewi Zuhriati burst into tears after reading malicious comments from netizens while selling on live TikTok. Not accepting that his mother was hurt, Fuji was angry with netizens who insulted Dewi Zuhriati.

This girl whose full name is Fujianti Utami expressed her emotions that she did not accept her mother being humiliated while doing a live on Instagram. Quoted from the lambe_turah Instagram account, Tariq Halilintar’s girlfriend while dressing up warned netizens to stop blaspheming her mother.

“If you don’t like it, you don’t have to comment on my mother’s comments,” said Fuji.

The 19-year-old Dara asked netizens who wanted to blaspheme her mother to switch to writing malicious comments on her social media instead.

“If you want to go to Instagram or TikTok, I’m free to comment what I want. It’s noisy, you know, I don’t like my parents being disturbed,” Fuji continued.

The biological sister of the late Aunt, Vanessa Angel’s husband, mentioned the karma of hurting parents.

“Remember the karma of parents is bigger, believe me, hell exists,”

Fuji explained that if netizens bothered him it wasn’t a problem but it was different when it bothered his mother. He asked netizens to stop bullying his mother.

“If someone bothers mom, I’m upset. Stop bothering my mom,” added Fuji.

Grandma Gala Calm the Princess

Fuji was angry that his mother was insulted by netizens when selling live on TikTok. (Instagram/ lambe_turah)

According to him, people who insult their mother with malicious comments are heartless and unethical.

“Those who hate don’t have a heart, what do they do? They don’t have any ethics, they weren’t taught by their parents,” said Fuji.

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“Already, already,” said Dewi Zuhriati tensed the princess.

Grandma Gala was seen carrying her granddaughter to sleep. Fuji remains adamant that such netizens must be confronted once in a while so that they are aware that they are wrong.

“(This issue) must be discussed, because they must be self-aware. Humans, not God. You can’t judge each other,” said the youngest of four siblings.