September 27, 2022

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Fried Eggs Anti Mainstream Use Closed, When Lifted It Turns Out Like This

Eggs are a mainstay side dish that is easy to cook quickly when you are hungry. Eggs can be cooked by deep-fried, omelette, boiled, and so on.

Recently, there was a video on how to fry an anti-mainstream egg. The video was uploaded by the tawatheutic Instagram social media account.

“Why are fried omelettes closed?” written in the video as quoted by, Tuesday (14/6/2022).

Video footage shows a woman wearing a pink short-sleeved t-shirt. The woman shows an omelet fried in a non-stick frying pan.

However, there is something different about how to fry an omelet in the non-stick frying pan. Omelet already in the pan with additional toppings covered.

I don’t know who fried the omelet by putting a lid on it. The expression of the woman in this video itself looks surprised.

When he lifted the lid of the pan what happened was the egg stuck to it. The bottom of the egg is cooked, while the top that is covered is still raw.

When the lid is lifted higher the raw egg falls on the cooked side. As a result, the eggs become stretched down.

Egg Stick

The eggs stick to the lid of the pan. (Instagram/tawatheutic)

Not long after, the bottom of the cooked egg cracked. Maybe because the cooked layer is thin, so it can’t accommodate the raw egg.

Until this article was compiled, the video has received 328 thousand views on Instagram reels and 12.8 thousand likes. The comments column for the video was immediately attacked by netizens who were watching to write their responses.

Not a few netizens advised the woman in the video, according to them she had the wrong technique of cooking eggs by covering the top.

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“So you get 2, right?” said one netizen.

“The lid is too small, I also close the egg omelette but it’s never like that,” another comment.

“Closed so that the top is cooked without the need to flip the eggs, usually if there are a lot of eggs. But if you already have a lot of eggs, the pan is small, the lid is even smaller,” added another.

“That’s why when mommy cooks, help me know how to cook,” said another netizen.