October 1, 2022


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Frequent Playing Mobile Games Can Injure Hands? This is the explanation

Mobile games are games that can be played via smartphones, whenever and wherever you are. Mobile games are in great demand in Indonesia today. In addition, the esports industry in Indonesia is also growing. Esports has now become part of the lifestyle of the Indonesian people. Moreover, coupled with the pandemic, we are advised not to leave the house often. Of course, mobile games are another alternative that people choose to spend time at home.

Because it has become part of the lifestyle, they can spend 10-12 hours a day playing mobile games. Playing mobile games too often can cause various kinds of adverse effects on health. The most common complaints were tired eyes, dizziness, insomnia, neck pain and low back pain. Playing mobile games can also cause hand injuries. The most common injury is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome This is a condition where there is pressure on the nerves in the wrist. This happens because when operating a smartphone, the movement of the fingers is too strong when pressing, sliding, and clicking on the smartphone resulting in enlargement of the nerves. Symptoms include tingling, pain, numbness in the hand area and pain in the fingers. This condition usually gets worse at night.

When treating CTS, patients should be able to avoid activities that may worsen their symptoms. If you have been diagnosed with CTS, there are several things you can do to reduce the symptoms of CTS at home, including:

a) Lifestyle Change

You can reduce the habit of playing mobile games. If you usually play 10-12 hours a day, then you should play 5-7 hours per day. Try to get more rest, eat healthy foods and drink enough water.

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b) Using Pads to Support the Wrist

This aims to reduce hand movement or pressure on the nerves of your hand.

c) Improve Posture

When playing games or even working, try to sit with the correct posture. If you sit with poor posture, it can affect your wrists, fingers and hands. So try to maintain the correct posture.

d) Perform Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Therapy

There are several exercises you can do to relieve CTS symptoms. This procedure is very simple and can be done anywhere. However, this method can relieve mild to moderate CTS symptoms. Here are some exercises to reduce CTS symptoms that have been summarized by Sehatq.com and Healthline.com.

1. Wrist Extension

Wrist extension movement (work-fit.com)

This movement serves as a stretch and warm-up, especially before doing activities that involve hand gripping. The method is:

  • Extend your arms straight in front of your body at shoulder level with your palms facing down.
  • Bend your wrist forward
  • Use the other hand to gently pull your palm forward and further.
  • Hold for 30 seconds
  • Release and repeat the whole exercise on the other arm

2. Wrist Flexion

wrist Flexion movement (image by work-fit.com)
Wrist Flexion movement (work-fit.com)

This movement is done to stretch the muscles in the outer arm. Here’s how:

  • Extend one hand in front of the body at shoulder level with the palm facing the floor
  • With your palms facing down, bend your wrists so that your fingers are pointing at the floor
  • Gently pull the bent hand toward the body with the other hand. Don’t bend too hard.
  • Hold for 30 seconds, release then repeat the exercise with the other hand.
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3. Median Nerve Gliding

median nerve gliding movement (researchgate.net)
Median nerve gliding movement (researchgate.net)

This exercise helps relieve pressure on the compressed median nerve to move more freely. How to do this exercise as follows:

  • Make a fist with your thumb outward
  • Then, open your fist and stretch your fingers
  • Position the thumb straight and away from the other fingers
  • Use the other hand to press the thumb toward the forearm.
  • Release and repeat the whole exercise on the other hand
  • Do this exercise 10-15 times per day

4. Tendon Gliding

tendon gliding movement (researchgate.net)
Tendon gliding movement (researchgate.net)

This exercise is an exercise to stretch the tendons in the carpal tunnel area. Here’s how to do it:

  • Align your fingers and thumb in line with your wrist so that all fingers point straight up.
  • Bend your finger and knuckle down and straighten at a right angle
  • Bend your fingers from your middle knuckle so that your fingertips touch your palm.
  • Hold each of these positions for 5 seconds.

Several studies have shown a relationship between playing mobile games with the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. With this stretch, you can relieve the symptoms of CTS that you are feeling. Playing mobile games can be done from time to time without overdoing it. It’s just that you need to get more rest and improve your daily habits. Don’t hesitate to see a doctor if you can’t relieve the symptoms of CTS with just stretching exercises.