December 6, 2022

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Frankly, Choi Ye Na Reveals Her Everyday Moments With Choi Sung Min

On June 21, 2022, the Korean variety show “DNA Mate” aired its latest episode featuring Choi Ye Na and Choi Sung Min. “DNA Mate” is an MBC entertainment program that shows the daily lives of family members who live together.

Adapted from KBIZoom on (22/6/2022), Choi Sung Min, Choi Ye Na’s brother who is 4 years older than him, is an idol who debuted in 2010 in the mixed group Coed School. He later turned to acting and is currently working as an actor.

On the broadcast, Choi Sung Min said, “I have been living with my younger sister for about a year since May last year”. Previously, Choi Ye Na showed off her economic strength by revealing that she lent her credit card to her brother.

Choi Ye Na reveals her daily moments with her brother Choi Sung Min

Their house was also inaugurated on the same day. It was reportedly decorated and prepared by Choi Ye Na, taking everyone by surprise. In this regard, Choi Ye Na said, “I am in charge of material matters and the most important things”, and Choi Sung Min added, “I live with him. This is not a bad thing at all”.

Screenshot, Choi Ye Na showing moments of her daily life with her brother through “DNA Mate” (YouTube/MBC Entertainment)

In fact, the reverse appearances of brother and sister Choi Sung Min and Choi Ye Na brought fresh fun to the broadcast. The cute youngest member in Choi Ye Na’s house is a famous singer and that’s why she often does “flexible credit cards” for her brother.

Choi Sung Min, who was seen buying some groceries with his younger sister’s credit card, said, “You pay for it then you are my older sister”, causing loud laughter.

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Meanwhile, Choi Ye Na started her career by participating in the Mnet survival show “Produce 48” and gained great popularity after debuting as a member of IZ*ONE. After IZ*ONE’s activities ended, he debuted as a solo singer and has received much love for his appearances in commercials and entertainment shows.

The entertainment program “DNA Mate” airs every Tuesday at 09:00 PM KST on MBC.