September 26, 2022

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For the sake of safety, Sooyoung did this to all Girls’ Generation members

Launch koreaboo, to welcome their first comeback in five years, Girls’ Generation is pampering fans with a variety of exciting new content. One of them was their appearance on The Game Caterers 2. There the Girls’ Generation members shared their feelings about their comeback and played games together.

In a segment, Girls’ Generation played a game where a member would ask others to say what their strengths or weaknesses were. When it came to her turn, Tiffany initially hesitated for a moment before saying that her weakness was that she sometimes felt depressed.

Other members and staff who were aware of Tiffany’s condition immediately reacted by saying that even if she made a mistake in the game, she should not be eliminated. However, Sooyoung voted to eliminate him before quickly changing his answer.

When asked why she did that, Sooyoung explained that one day Tiffany sent a text that she felt sad and depressed. However, he did not respond to Sooyoung who contacted him. Worried, Sooyoung rushed to Tiffany’s house, but it turned out that she was sleeping.

Sooyoung also shared that Hyoyeon once sent her a similar message. Then, he went to Hyoyeon’s residence to check it out. YoonA interrupted by asking how she knew the members’ house passwords. Taeyeon then leaked that Sooyoung knew all the members’ house passwords.

But it was done Sooyoung not without reason. She memorized the Girls’ Generation members’ house passwords so she could contact them in case of an emergency or other incident and to check on them when they were feeling down. Knowing this, the other members then praised him for his attention and loyalty as a friend.

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Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation has just released their 7th full length album titled ‘Forever 1′ on August 5. The album, which marks the 15th anniversary of Girls’ Generation’s debut, consists of the title track ‘Forever 1’ and eight b-side tracks, namely ‘Seventeen,’ Villain,’ ‘Lucky Like That,’ ‘You Better Run,’ ‘Mood Lamp, ‘ ‘Paper Plane,’ ‘Closer,’ and ‘Freedom.’