December 2, 2022

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For the sake of gaining knowledge, these two elementary school children leave for school on foot at 3 am

In some areas in Indonesia, there are still many schools that are far from the students’ homes. Even the access road to the school is difficult so it takes a struggle to get there.

Recently, it went viral on social media about the struggle of two elementary school children from Bone, South Sulawesi who went to school on foot from 3 am. The moment of the struggle of the two elementary school children going to school was uploaded by TikTok user pramonoagung23.

“The Struggle of Elementary School Children for Schooling,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Thursday (23/06/2022).

These two elementary school children, a boy and a girl, are wearing red and white uniforms complete with bags filled with books and stationery ready to go to school. They left at 3 in the morning on foot together.

Their own house is in Tapong Village, Tellu Limpoe District, Bone Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. The journey they took for 5 hours from 3 to 8 in the morning to arrive at school was not easy.

“The struggle of elementary school children in remote parts of Bone. Departs at 3 in the morning to arrive at school at 8 in the morning,” said the video uploader.

These two elementary school children go to school on foot at 3 am

These two elementary school children go to school on foot at 3 am. (TikTok/ pramonoagung23)

The two elementary school children had to pass through the wilderness, six rivers, and rice fields. They usually carry machetes to go to school.

The machete is used as a personal protective device when on a trip to meet a python. Although, the journey to school had to go through difficult, dangerous, and long distance terrain did not dampen the spirits of the two.

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These two elementary school children have noble goals when they grow up. Some want to be a cop and one wants to be a cop. The noble ideals of the two sons and daughters of the nation’s successors may one day be achieved.

“The spirit of learning, brother, later you will get that success,” prayer from the video uploader.

Warganet also gave prayers and encouragement to two elementary school children who fought hard to get to school.

“Honestly, when I saw this video, my tears came out. Hopefully in the future these brothers and sisters will succeed in achieving their goals,” said one netizen.

“Hopefully in the next 10 years you will become viral again, you will become a policeman and teacher, sis,” added another.

“5 hours of walking is really a struggle. I hope you will become successful people in the future,” other comments.

“We can’t blame anyone here because this child lives far from school. What’s important here is that we give a thumbs up for this child’s enthusiasm for school,” another netizen said.

Until this article was compiled, the video of the struggle of the two elementary school children from Bone has been watched 294.8 thousand times and 28.7 thousand likes.