December 1, 2022

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Follow the viral trend of eating smudged ice cream, the ending of this woman’s video is a very twist plot: Masking

The latest trend on TikTok social media is videos of eating smudged ice cream. Most people who follow the trend make videos with their partners.

However, this woman wants to be different, making a viral trend of eating ice cream splattered with her friend who has an ending plot twist. The woman’s viral video was re-shared by the Instagram account @ngakaksehat.

“Even a mask” caption video as quoted by, Friday (30/09/2022).

Early video footage shows a woman with long hair eating ice cream until it is smeared on the right lip. His girlfriend who was beside him immediately rubbed the ice cream mark on the woman’s lips.

“Oh, don’t be so shy, don’t be shy,” said a girl friend.

Despite reminding and wiping her friend’s smudges, this girl is even more smudged. His chin was full of chocolate ice cream.

As in succession, a boy friend who was behind the girl responded. He rubbed his girlfriend’s chin which was covered in chocolate ice cream.

“Don’t mess around like this, be shy,” said the boy.

Not that he’s free from melted chocolate ice cream. This guy’s face is even filled with chocolate ice cream.

The ending of the plot twist

The longer it gets, the more messy it gets. (Instagram/laughs)

Two of his friends laughed seeing his face flat with chocolate ice cream. His face even looks like someone else wearing a beauty mask.

This guy laughed at him too. The three friends finally laughed together seeing each other’s faces covered in ice cream.

This video of three peers making TikTok content eating smudged ice cream has gone viral, attracting netizens’ attention to comment. Not a few netizens were surprised by the plot twist at the end of the video.

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“It’s a bit different, thank goodness it’s beautiful,” a netizen commented.

“Plot twist, the fun of helping people until you forget to help yourself,” said another.

“Imagine the sticky face (laughing emoji)” other responses.

“Of the many content that makes things like that, this is the only one that I think is the most hilarious,” added another netizen.