September 27, 2022

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Flood of Praise, SM Entertainment Releases Teaser Poster SM Culture Universe Season 1

SM Entertainment via account official aespa, released a teaser in the form of a poster for the latest episode of the series ‘SM Culture Universe’ or ‘SMCU AESPA’. Reported via Allkpop Thursday, (6/16/2022) this series launched for the first time in May 2021 with the title Ep.1 Black Mamba, which reveals the origin story of four girls who travel to the metaverse to defeat the dark forces that have ruled the world from, FLAT.

In the first episode of season 1, fans were introduced to a unique world where humans interacted with versions of themselves through the SYNK process. However, the connection between the humans and their partners is suddenly severed by a mysterious entity known as the Black Mamba which causes a phenomenon known as SYNKOUT.

Success with the first episode, SM will release the next episode, namely episode 2 and episode 3 and provide a little overview of the next story that will be discussed through the teaser poster. Carrying a “Next Level” poster design like a Hollywood movie poster, this teaser poster immediately became a hot topic for Korean and international netizens.

Through the online fan community Theqoo, Korean netizens talked about and praised SM’s expertise in packaging the teaser poster so that they couldn’t wait for the latest SMCU episode. Here are some netizen comments:

“Oh…Somehow looks like an impatient movie poster,” wrote one netizen.

“Looks like this Avengers Endgame poster is well made,” said another.

“Can they change ae member’s clothes at least once,”

“Whoa… This looks like a Marvel movie…” netizen comments.

“Maybe they (characters ) will change clothes in Season 2?? another netizen said.

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“I love this, I can’t wait,” said a netizen.

“They still haven’t caught the Black Mamba? Heol~ Hwaithing!” said another.

Meanwhile, aespa will be releasing their first English single titled Life’s Too Short on June 24 and releasing their 2nd mini album titled Girls on July 8. How do you respond?