September 27, 2022

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Film Review God Asks for Money: Help Sometimes Through Unusual Ways

As human beings who are religious, of course we often offer various prayers to God Almighty. Starting from simple prayers, to prayers for complex problems, which can only be solved through a prayer from God. As human beings who are religious, of course it is natural for us to do this. The reason is, nothing is impossible for God, everything He will be able to do, without any exceptions.

That’s what underlies Adi (played by Anantya Kirana), an elementary school-age child who always prays to God for money. Adi’s wish was simple, in his prayer, he only asked God for money so that he could be used to repair the leaking roof tiles of the house where he lived. He has done all the conditions for his prayer to be granted, but unfortunately, Adi’s prayer has not come true.

Even though his request to God has not been granted, Adi has to accept the harsh reality when the grandmother who raised him since he was young, fell in the bathroom and had to be hospitalized. Now, in his prayer, Adi has two goals, namely to ask for money to repair the house tiles, and also to pay for his grandmother’s hospital fees.

However, Adi’s ordeal has only increased. Adi, who works as a shoe polisher every day, had to quit his job because his identity was discovered. Yes, Adi did disguise himself as a boy when he worked as a shoe shiner, but when his professional friends found out about his disguise, they forbade Adi to do the polishing because it would cause excessive compassion from the customer so he could potentially use his services more.

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When he was at the lowest point in his life, Adi finally experienced something that tested his faith. Adi’s prayer all this time asking God for money was “granted” by the Almighty. Adi, who was frantic, suddenly found a bag containing hundreds of millions of rupiah. And here, Adi has to decide, what to do with the money.

Do you think you know or not, what will Adi do with the money? So, what happened to Adi after finding the money? Will they experience disaster, or will they live comfortably and prosperously? The answer is in the movie God Asks for Money which was released on April 2, 2022, this is it, friends!