August 18, 2022

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Feeling Used, Jiang Chen Explodes Wen Sheng’s Depravity

On August 1, 2022, netizens were shocked by the statement of Chinese actress Jiang Chen who claimed to be fed up with the behavior of her ex-boyfriend, Wen Sheng. He expressed his frustration through Weibo uploads.

In his confession, Jiang Chen mentioned that Wen Sheng was very disgusting to him. Even though it was broken, Wen Sheng still didn’t want to let go. He still called Jiang Chen and said “see you later”. In fact, Wen Sheng himself already had a new girlfriend at this time.

Jiang Chen told how Wen Sheng, who had just graduated from university in 2017, came to Beijing with a diploma from the Department of Fine Arts at Fudan University. He has no agency support, no agency, and no friends in Beijing.

Back then, Wen Sheng said that he only had Jiang Chen. So, Jiang Chen took him to meet almost all the agents, artists, directors, and producers he knew. Wen Sheng finally had an agent introduced by Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen personally brought Wen Sheng to do a magazine shoot and brought him to the event The Chinese Youth. Even without acting experience, Wen Sheng got a supporting role in Chinese drama The Demon Master or Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 3 thanks to the help of Jiang Chen who previously discussed directly with the producer of this drama.

After finishing filming, Wen Sheng started to disappear. When he came back, he cried in front of Jiang Chen and said that his uncle thought Jiang Chen was too old for him. So, he was asked to break up with Jiang Chen. Wen Sheng explained that his family was very grateful for Jiang Chen’s help.

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But then again, because the Wen Sheng family felt that Jiang Chen was too old for him, he ended up being forced to break up with Jiang Chen. However, the Chinese actor still wants to make friends with Jiang Chen. As a mature woman, Jiang Chen understood Wen Sheng’s decision. He also continues to help his ex-girlfriend’s career.

While filming drama Rascal took place, Wen Sheng admitted that he was not happy to be with the cast and crew. He even openly said he hated the second female lead, namely Nita Xia, and didn’t want to be paired with her.

So, Jiang Chen ended up telling Wen Sheng to try befriending the female lead, Guan Xin. Back then, despite breaking up and being in a friendly relationship, Wen Sheng said that he would always love Jiang Chen.

In fact, Wen Sheng was in a relationship with another actress. Wen Sheng’s new girlfriend is Guan Xin, the main character of the drama Rascal. From then on, the contact between Jiang Chen and Wen Sheng was severed. They haven’t communicated in a long time.

However, Wen Sheng suddenly added Jiang Chen on WeChat back. He even hugged Jiang Chen downstairs at a bar when they met and said he wanted to hug him. Wen Sheng also brought up the fact that Jiang Chen was the first person he had met in Beijing. To him, Jiang Chen was the best figure in his life. He is very grateful.

Wen Sheng’s gentle behavior didn’t touch Jiang Chen, but instead grew disgusted with him. Jiang Chen knew that Wen Sheng was filming a drama at the time Hello Mr. Captain. The capital chain for the drama was broken. So, Jiang Chen immediately knew that Wen Sheng must have come to him because he wanted to ask for funds.

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Jiang Chen said that he had been in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years. He has never publicly disclosed his personal problems with his other ex-girlfriends. However, Wen Sheng was different. Jiang Chen really couldn’t stand his behavior.

Five years ago, although Jiang Chen could publicize Wen Sheng’s bad behavior, he didn’t. At first, he hoped that Wen Sheng could change. After all these years, his behavior didn’t seem to have changed at all.

It’s still the same as before. He is selfish, does everything he can to get the results he wants, takes advantage of relationships with others, and is always looking for profit.

Jiang Chen made this Weibo post as a form of warning to Wen Sheng. Even if Wen Sheng refuted, Jiang Chen would not be afraid because he still had a complete backup of chats, pictures, and videos from 2017 to date.

From Jiang Chen’s uploaded confession, netizens concluded that it turns out that Wen Sheng is a cunning man who uses women for his own gain. His behavior really sparked public outrage.