October 6, 2022


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Fatigue, 4 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Playing Social Media

You need to know that it turns out that we also need a break from playing social media. This is certainly related to mental fatigue, not physical. Below are 4 signs that indicate that you should take a break from playing social media.

1. Interfere with your productivity

Too much time spent playing social media makes us miss a lot of the positive things we should be doing. So is productivity. As a result of playing social media for too long, you rarely do things that make your time productive or even don’t do assignments. Well, if we experience this, rearrange your social media playing time, don’t overdo it.

2. Makes you always feel lacking

Feelings of inferiority or low self-esteem can be caused because we play social media for too long. This can be due to comparing yourself with friends on social media or others. It may seem trivial, but the impact is huge. You need to really take a break from social media that makes you feel insecure or feel left out.

3. Mess up your bedtime

Most of us stay up late playing social media. In fact, we really need sleep time. If social media is depriving you of enough sleep and even losing it, you need to take a break from playing social media for a while. Don’t disturb your sleep. You can avoid it by not playing the device 30 minutes before going to bed, of course the sleeping hours are determined, not staying up late.

4. Makes you less adaptable to other people

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If we play social media for too long, the people around us become neglected and it’s as if we don’t need them. You have to adapt more to the people around you than playing social media. Trust me, chatting with other people is a very valuable time.

We must be really wise in dealing with this modern world. Manage your time in playing gadgets so you don’t overdo it. Don’t let us feel regret for missing opportunities due to playing social media for too long. Use your device wisely to expand your knowledge.