August 8, 2022

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Facts about Park Tae Joon, Webtoon Writer Who Appeared on Today’s Webtoon

In the second episode of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Today’s Webtoon,’ which aired on July 30, webtoon writers Park Tae Joon and Yaongyi will appear as special appearances.

This drama is about the life of a webtoonist. So it’s not complete if it doesn’t show the figure of the real profession, right? In particular, since the relationship between the webtoon writer and editor will be highlighted in the second episode, we are planning a special appearance to enhance reality by casting the actual webtoon writer. clearly the representative of the production team quoted from Naver.

Webtoonist Park Tae Joon is known as a celeb webtoon writer who has stunning visuals. She is a former model ulzzang and author of acclaimed ‘Lookism’ Naver Webtoon.

Let’s get to know Park Tae Joon, the webtoon writer who appeared in Today’s Webtoon Episode 2.

Hobby of Drawing Since Childhood

Webtoonist Park Tae Joon (instagram/ Park Tae Joon)

Park Tae Joon admits that he has enjoyed drawing since childhood. He had done his hobby in secret. The webtoonist also mentioned his habit of redrawing scenes from comics given to him by his mother.

Almost gave up

Webtoonist Park Tae Joon (instagram/ Park Tae Joon)
Webtoonist Park Tae Joon (instagram/ Park Tae Joon)

This success did not come instantly. Park Tae Joon once studied comics major, but he quit because the economy was not enough at that time. So he was limited to buying the equipment needed for drawing.

Had almost left his dream, Park Tae Joon instead tried other jobs such as doing business online, modeling, and appearing on variety shows.

But in the end the 37-year-old writer returns to passionher to become a comic artist.

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Webtoon Story Inspiration from Real Experience

Webtoonist Park Tae Joon (instagram/ Park Tae Joon)
Webtoonist Park Tae Joon (instagram/ Park Tae Joon)

The webtoon ‘Lookism’ exploded in the market, the realistic story being one of the important points. It turns out that Tae Joon was inspired by real experiences, you know!

He had been a victim of bullying from his friends to make him aloof and decided to change schools.

This dark experience he had had managed to make him get up and ‘change’ himself to be more confident.

In addition, Park Tae Joon also brought up the social issue of bullying which is still very common in South Korea in his webtoon work ‘How to Fight’.

The webtoon created by Park Tae Joon

Webtoonist Park Tae Joon (instagram/ Park Tae Joon)
Webtoonist Park Tae Joon (instagram/ Park Tae Joon)

The man who was born in September 1985 is known for writing the webtoons ‘Lookism’ and ‘Loser Life’ which successfully catapulted his name to Asia.

In addition to the two webtoons, the following are some of Park Tae Joon’s works, including ‘How to Fight,’ Viral Hit,’ ‘Hannamdong K House,’ ‘The Real Anti-Smoking Campaign’.

Meanwhile, ‘Today’s Webtoon’ can be watched on streaming platforms Viu and VIKI.