September 28, 2022

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Exploring the reasons why Manchester United insisted on signing Frenkie de Jong

The news about Manchester United’s interest in Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong continues. Erik Ten Hag still doesn’t want to give up so easily to bring in the Dutch national team’s defensive midfielder.

Initially, from the news that circulated quite massively, Frenkie de Jong rejected the Red Devils’ proposal. The reason is because next season he does not want to play in the Europa League. Because Manchester United will be there next season. And de Jong, don’t want that. He wants to stay at Barcelona and compete in the Champions League. Even de Jong is already comfortable playing in the Blaugrana.

However, recently there have been many reports stating that de Jong has almost 90 percent agreed with the Red Devils. Moreover, Barcelona’s financial condition is currently in disarray. So, the sale of de Jong, was a necessity to improve his tattered financial condition.

But, I will not discuss the finances. Or de Jong will anchor to Manchester United or not, that’s later. But, what is it that attracts Manchester United to bring in de Jong? What’s so special about de Jong? So, here’s the answer.

After the failure of the Red Devils to recruit Nunez, who was cornered by Liverpool, increasingly made Erik Ten Hag ask his management to bring in de Jong to patch up the midfield. Because, their midfield options, Fred, Bruno Fernandes, are less stinging. And that’s all.

Plus the departure of Matic, Juan Mata and Pogba, their midfield is getting slack. That’s why de Jong is in great demand, to replace their role.

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There are practically only Scott McTominay and Fred who can be used as defensive midfielders. And Erik Ten Hag, well aware and aware that these two figures, are less elegant in tackling the opponent’s attack. Therefore, why is de Jong so highly sought after?

De Jong is not diligent in helping the back line. However, apart from being good at thrusting a sharp ball forward, his bait accuracy is indeed good. So, it’s no wonder that Barcelona was interested in bringing him to the Camp Nou. And, Manchester United, too.

So, do not be surprised if Manchester United want to take his services. And coincidentally, what de Jong had was not possessed by the figures of Scott McTominay and Fred.

That is the basic reason why de Jong is interested in Manchester United. Will de Jong play at Manchester United or stay at Barcelona? Let’s just wait.