December 2, 2022

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Excited! This Ice Cream Trader is Fun to Participate in Gymnastics with Kindergarten Children on the Beach

One of the lively sports activities carried out together is gymnastics. Doing gymnastics together is fun because anyone can participate without any age limit.

Talking about that, recently social media was enlivened with a video of an ice cream vendor participating in gymnastics with kindergarten children. The video was re-shared by the Instagram social media account, Monday (20/06/2022).

Video footage shows kindergarten children on an excursion to a beach. Kindergarten children wear different sports clothes.

Some have purple and yellow tracksuits. These kindergarten children gathered to take part in gymnastics guided by the teacher.

They look adorable when they follow every gymnastics movement haltingly. No less adorable is the action of an ice cream vendor behind a group of kindergarten children doing gymnastics.

The ice cream vendor was seen participating in the gymnastics with the kindergarten children. Even though he was alone in the back, it didn’t dampen his enthusiasm to follow the gymnastics movements.

The ice cream vendor looks very happy and is able to follow the gymnastics movements with the kindergarten children well. He moved his hands left and right.

Gymnastics with Kindergarten Children

The ice cream vendor is enthusiastic about participating in the gymnastics with the kindergarten children. (Instagram/laughs)

He also threw his feet forward alternately. The ice cream vendor’s face looked so happy to be able to join the gymnastics with the kindergarten children.

Until this article was compiled, video uploads from the ngakaksehat account had gotten 289 thousand views on reels and 24 thousand likes. The video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses in the comments column. Netizens were happy to see the ice cream vendor happy to be able to exercise while waiting for the sales to sell.

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“After the exercise, the father immediately attacked,” said one netizen.

“It’s a good warm-up, sir. I hope the family is healthy and the fortune is smooth. Amen,” said another.

“I’m so amazed by people who can be happy in such a simple way. Always be healthy, father,” other responses.

“Gymnastics is an activity that is usually done for fitness, so before selling, the father gets his body fit,” said another netizen.