August 18, 2022

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Excited, This Elementary School Child Asks Brother to Help Do His Homework Complaining Like an Adult

The behavior of small children always makes adults excited. No exception with small children who are still sitting in elementary school.

Sometimes their behavior makes them laugh. Recently, there has been a lot of video on social media of an elementary school girl asking her sister for help with her homework and complaining like an adult.

One of the videos was re-uploaded by the Kendarinesia social media account. Video footage shows the girl coming to her brother carrying a notebook and pencil.

He asked his older brother, Nurul, to help with his homework.

“Nurul, can you help me,” said the girl with a gloomy face.

He revealed that he felt sorry for himself, wanting to die because he had to write a lot. Moreover, he is still in elementary school, so his older brother must help him to do a lot of homework from his teacher.

“I really want to die sorry, I didn’t expect this. I just wrote a lot, I want my promise to be elementary school,” he said.

The girl who was still in elementary school innocently said that she was in a daze and had to write again. He then complained about the amount of homework he got like an adult complaining about life’s problems.

Complaining Like Adults

Complaining like an adult thinking about life’s problems. (Instagram/Kendarinesia)

The girl complains that her waist hurts because she has to do a lot of homework. He also found his life difficult. Even this girl was wondering why her heart was hurting.

“My waist just hurts, I’m sleepy. I just want to die, I’m having a hard time living my life. My heart hurts. Eh, what’s wrong with me?” his complaint.

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Hearing his sister complain when he asked for help with homework made Nurul couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Based on the information uploaded from the Kendarinesia Instagram account, the girl in the video is named Alika.

“After being traced, the viral boy is a resident of Wangkanapi Village, Wolio District, Baubau City named Alika,” description of the upload as quoted by, Sunday (31/07/2022).

Alika herself comes from Wangkanapi Village, Wolio District, Baubau City. He is a grade 1 student at SD Wangkanapi who is only 6 years old.