October 1, 2022


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Evergreen Love: A Plant Lover Who Changed a Girl’s Life

The presence of people in our lives gives various meanings. Sometimes, we don’t realize that the presence of someone can change our lives and feelings within us. This is also depicted in a Japanese film entitled “Evergreen Love“.

Based on a novel by Hiro Arikawa, the film Evergreen Love tells the story of a girl named Sayaka (Mitsuki Takahata). He lives alone and is an employee of a property agent.

Every day, Sayaka goes through life with an empty heart, because the girl has no ambition, no lover and is not someone who does anything special in her job.

One night, when she came home from the convenience store, Sayaka found a man lying in the bicycle parking next to her house. The girl felt anxious and then woke the man up. As it turned out, the man was on his way, but could no longer walk because he was hungry. The young man asked Sayaka to give him some food.

Sayaka actually invites the young man named Itsuki (Takanori Iwata) into his house and feeds him. Remembering that his guest had been lying on the ground, he also offered to Itsuki to clean himself at his house.

While waiting for Itsuki to shower and clean himself, Sayaka unconsciously fell asleep. He woke up to the smell of cooking the next day. Sayaka was surprised to see the young man she had helped last night was making breakfast for her.

Sayaka, who had never cooked and didn’t eat other people’s food for a long time, was so touched when she tasted Itsuki’s cooking that the girl burst into tears.

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Itsuki’s breakfast subconsciously prompts Sayaka to say that she doesn’t mind Itsuki staying with her if he really has nowhere to go.

Instead, Sayaka wished she could enjoy the dishes Itsuki made every day. Hearing this, Itsuki begged to be allowed to stay at Sayaka’s house for 6 months.

Itsuki’s presence in his house brought a new feeling to Sayaka. She always gets surprises, one of which is that Itsuki often takes her on bicycles to places filled with wild plants, something that Sayaka had never done before.

Later, Sayaka finds out that Itsuki is a plant lover who likes to collect photos of various wild plants. They then brought the plants home and Itsuki would make various unique dishes from these plants.

Their togetherness slowly makes Sayaka feel excited again in living her life. However, behind all that, it turns out Itsuki keeps a secret about his true identity that he never reveals to Sayaka.

Who exactly is Itsuki? How will Sayaka live a life with a young man who she never knew about? Watch the continuation of their story in the film Evergreen Love. Enjoy watching!