September 27, 2022

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Edge of Seventeen Movie Synopsis: Awkwardness at the Age of 17

Edge of Seventeen is a teen comedy drama film released in 2016 and has a duration of 1 hour 44 minutes. Starring Hailee Steinfield, Woody Harrelson, and more. Before watching this film, it’s a good idea to read the synopsis below.

Synopsis Edge of Seventeen

In the suburbs of Portland, there is a seventeen year old junior high school student named Nadine Franklin. Unlike her older brother, Darian, who is popular, Nadine is a clumsy girl who is barely visible at school. Nadina has a strained relationship with Darian as well as with her mother, Mona, who is aware of her image.

Nadine feels only close to her father, Tom, who ironically died of a heart attack when Nadine was thirteen. Nadine also feels that she now only has one person who cares for her in her life, namely Krista, her best friend since they were children.

One day Nadine brought Krista to her house. They were both drunk. Meanwhile, Nadine’s brother, Darian, has a pool party downstairs with his friends. After Nadine vomited and fell asleep, Krista idly went downstairs and met Darian who was cleaning the house after his pool party.

Morning arrived. Nadine wakes up with a headache and without Krista by her side. Nadine finds out that Krista and Darian spent the night together in bed. Nadine and Krista’s friendship is threatened.

Later at school, Krista and Darian met, Darian expressing that he was happy with the evening they spent together, a sentiment Krista reciprocated. The fact that Krista has a boyfriend, and that boyfriend is her brother, Nadine feels abandoned and very lonely. At the same time, Nadine’s classmates and Erwin approached her. However, Nadine is attracted to an older student, Nick Mossman.

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Edge of Seventeen tells the story of Nadine and the loneliness and awkwardness she feels about her life. How his father’s departure hit him, how he felt betrayed by Krista and Darian’s relationship, also his relationship with his mother, as well as his love story with Nick and Erwin which was complicated like a teenager in general.

With all these complications, Nadine is close to Mr. Bruner who gives him emotional support by hearing all Nadine’s complaints and jokingly saying that the girl is his favorite student.

You can find Edge of Seventeen movies on Netflix or buy/rent them on Google Playstore. Enjoy watching!