September 27, 2022

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Easy to Practice, These 7 Ways Can Make You Be Yourself

Must be familiar with the word, be yourself or be yourself. Unfortunately, these words are not easy to do. Although it is difficult, if you are determined to be yourself, it will be easy.

The following ways can make you be yourself

1. Know yourself well

Try asking yourself, who i am? or who I am. How well do you know yourself?

Knowing who you are is not just knowing about your strengths, weaknesses, and life goals. However, knowing who you are also includes the little things you don’t usually ask.

For example, what makes you angry, sad, offended, and disappointed. If you already know who you are, you will also find it easier to believe in yourself. Later you will not be ashamed of who you are.

2. Accept yourself as you are

Accepting yourself is sometimes difficult. So before deciding to accept yourself as you are, you need to forgive yourself. Whether it’s forgiving your mistakes that have happened, or forgiving things you regret.

After forgiving yourself, you will learn to accept yourself as you are. Because at that moment you will realize that what is happening is a part of your life. That way, you too will start to be yourself.

3. Stop making yourself miserable

The easiest way to make yourself miserable is to peer into other people’s lives and compare them with yours. If this continues, you will not be satisfied because you depend on other people for your standard of living. So you will never be yourself because you are already focused on seeing other people’s lives.

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Comparing yourself to others will also make you less grateful for what you have. In fact, with gratitude, you become more confident.

4. Don’t let other people control your life

How does it feel to always do what others say and perpetuate your own desires? Must be tired and make you depressed. The way to become your next self is to stop obeying the words of other people who govern your life.

If this continues, you will have a hard time knowing what you really want. From now on, stop listening to what other people have to say that you don’t want to hear. Make yourself worthy by doing what you want without the interference of others.

5. Sharpen and show your strengths

Don’t say that you don’t have any advantages at all, because that’s a big mistake. If it’s still difficult to know your strengths, it’s a sign that you don’t know yourself well. Everyone has their own color, and you have too!

So, when you find it, hone it and don’t be shy about showing it to others. The more you show what your strengths are, that’s when you become yourself.

6. Don’t complain about what happened to you

The initial source of complaining is when you have often compared yourself to others and become a person who has no satisfaction. Try, to accept what is happening inside you. If it’s difficult, try to look at the lives of the people below you. Then, from there you will start to be yourself without complaining much about life.

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7. Love what you do

Don’t be shy about doing the work you’re currently doing. Love what you do and self-confidence will overwhelm you. Without realizing it, that feeling of pride will make you who you are.

Those are 7 easy ways to be yourself. So, is there still a hard reason to be yourself?