July 2, 2022


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Earn Millions of Rupiah Turnover from Koi Cultivation! It turns out like this

Koi fish are one of the most popular types of ornamental fish. The beautiful color combination creates a relaxing motion when the koi swim in the water. So, it’s not strange if this fish is still much sought after by koi hobbyists.

One of the koi fish hobbyists is a man from Petanahan, Kebumen, Fatah. He admits that he started being a koi hobbyist since 2018. Starting from only having a few tails, over time the number of his pet koi fish also increased. From there he thought that there was a business opportunity for his koi.

“When I started raising koi at the end of 2018. Over time, the number of koi at home continued to increase because they were breeding. Since then I have tried to market them,” said Fatah when I met him.

In September 2020 when the corona pandemic hit Indonesia, he started his coin business which he named Koi Koi Kebumen. He assessed that the community was in need of entertainment at that time, one of which was by keeping koi fish.

Slowly the Fatah koi business continues to grow. Until now, Koi Koi Kebumen has hundreds of brooders. All breeders owned by Fatah are imported directly from Japan, the reason being to maintain the purity of the koi species.

“All my broodstock are imported from Japan to maintain the quality and purity of each type of koi.” added Fatah.

The types of koi that Fatah offers are also very diverse. Among them are shisui, kohake shanke, and many more. Koi Koi Kebumen have also been able to serve delivery to the entire island of Java.

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The price offered by Koi Koi Kebumen also varies. Starting from the lowest price of twenty thousand rupiah to the most expensive one reaching 5 million rupiah. It all depends on the quality of the Koi and the color scheme. Fatah also sells koi chicks. Usually low quality koi chicks are used to feed predatory fish.

Fatah claims to be able to sell hundreds of koi in one month. That way the Koi Koi Kebumen cultivation business is estimated to be able to generate a turnover of up to tens of millions of rupiah.

For those of you who are interested in becoming a koi hobbyist, you can directly come to the location of Koi Koi cultivation in Kebumen. It is located in Petanahan village, Petanahan sub-district, Kebumen regency, Central Java. Fatah also serves the purchase of koi via online via Instagram Koi_Kebumen.