December 6, 2022

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Early Detection of Cervical Cancer with FEMICAM Innovation

Cervical cancer is a disease that attacks the female reproductive organs. Where this cancer occurs when there are cells in the cervix that are attached abnormally, which are then left unchecked and eventually get out of control.

Cervical cancer itself is mostly caused by infection Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), other causes can also be due to an unclean and healthy lifestyle, use of birth control pills, and others.

Meanwhile, the symptoms at the beginning are not very visible. The symptoms themselves are seen when cervical cancer has been developing for quite a long time. Usually the symptoms that appear are bleeding outside the menstrual cycle, pelvic pain that does not improve and abnormal vaginal discharge that causes excessive itching in the vaginal area can also be one of the causes of cervical cancer.

For those who have the potential to get cervical cancer themselves, usually women over the age of 30 years. However, for women who engage in sexual activity under 21 years, the potential for cervical cancer can be up to two times. Cervical cancer can be prevented with the HPV vaccine. PAP smear or live a healthy lifestyle.

In Indonesia, cervical cancer ranks second after breast cancer. According to data from Global Burden of Cancer (Globocan) that is from World Health Organization (WHO) noted that the total incidence of cancer in Indonesia in 2020 reached 396,914 cases and total deaths reached 234,511 cases.

The concern for women in Indonesia for reproductive health is still quite minimal, so the incidence of cervical cancer is quite a lot. So that the ministry of health in March 2022 held a health innovation event through Digital Transformation Office (DTO).

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In activities Demo Health Innovation sprin Accelerator 2022 one of them provides a new innovation in the field of health technology (health-tech) for early detection of cervical cancer, the Femicam (FEMICAM Medical Camera) is a medical camera specially made to view numbers and examine the female area of ​​the cervix (cervix). This innovation is later expected to assist in the early detection of cervical cancer by seeing whether there are abnormalities or early growth of cancer cells in the cervix being examined.

It is hoped that with this new innovation, the incidence of cervical cancer in women in Indonesia can decrease. And the need for women to be aware of the dangers if exposed to this disease. Therefore, let our Indonesian women care and take care of reproductive health and apply a clean and healthy lifestyle in order to minimize the incidence of cervical cancer.