December 1, 2022

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Duh, this sister-in-law has a hobby of meddling in people’s household affairs, pregnant women are stressed because their children’s names are being bullied

Viral confides that a pregnant woman confides about the behavior of her sister-in-law who can be resentful. Why not, the brother-in-law was arbitrarily involved in interfering with his household affairs. In fact, when she is now pregnant, the baby’s name has even been compromised.

The pregnant woman’s story was shared through the Instagram account @admin_igtainment on Tuesday (27/9/22).

“In my opinion, Ms. Sender is not selfish or too lazy. It’s only natural. We want to give our child’s name according to our wishes, not someone else’s,” description written by the video uploader account.

Viral brother-in-law interferes in household affairs

In her confession, the woman admitted that she was pregnant with her first child after more than 2 years of marriage.

“So, I’m only 2 months pregnant after more than 2 years of our marriage. My husband is very kind and always understands my feelings,” said the woman.

The woman then told me that she and her husband lived in a rented housing estate. But unfortunately, he turned out to live close to his brother-in-law. Even the houses are only a few blocks away.

He then revealed that his sister-in-law was sometimes too pushy without wanting to be rejected. All suggestions from brother-in-law must be followed.

But even worse, this sister-in-law has already prepared a name for the pregnant mother’s baby. This then makes this woman feel stressed.

“What makes me stressed now, he has already prepared a name for our baby later. Even though I am also only 2 months pregnant and he said the name of our child will be the name he will give,” he continued.

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Her sister-in-law has even told her friends about this woman’s baby name.

“Then my brother-in-law even told his friends who we know too that in the future our baby’s name is the name he gave it,” he said.

At the end of her vent, the woman then shared that when her sister-in-law was pregnant, she did not want to accept suggestions regarding the baby’s name.

Netizens Comment

The post immediately caught the attention of netizens. Warganet suggested that this woman should be indifferent.

“Just ignore it Ma’am. Your health and that of the fetus is the main thing. Be healthy, mother and baby. It’s okay to be ignored. He’s not the one who bears the cost of living for the mother and family, right?” said the netizen.

“Just leave it alone. There must be something strange in the behavior in the in-laws’ family. Yes, he wants to give a name, just ignore it, the important thing is that we will give it a name later. The problem is whether he is cranky or not, it’s really stupid. After all, we don’t follow him. “ commented one netizen.

“I prefer to be left with my sister-in-law like that. In fact, it will be safe, I will not be reprimanded by my brother-in-law. Life is happy and cheerful,” another netizen said.

“You don’t have to pay attention to it again, if you insist on giving a name. The important thing is that the birth certificate will be named after the parents gave it,” another netizen added. (AUTHOR/Anindya Lamase)

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