August 8, 2022

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Due to a long nap, this elementary school child wakes up in the evening, rushes to get ready for school

Napping is recommended because it has good benefits for health. However, naps should not be too long because it can have a disturbing effect on the body both emotionally and physically.

Recently there was an interesting video about elementary school children experiencing the effects of taking too long a nap. In the video uploaded from the discount Instagram social media account, it shows an elementary school child named Zahra who rushes to school when sunset arrives.

“The effect of napping late at night when you wake up,” written in the video as quoted by, Saturday (25/06/2022).

Zahra doesn’t realize that she is getting ready to go to school at night. He thought he woke up in the morning.

Zahra is getting ready to go to school wearing a red and white uniform with her hair in two ponytails. He was getting ready to go to school in a hurry.

Zahra is afraid that she will be late for school. Meanwhile, family members who saw Zahra’s behavior wrong when she went to school just kept her quiet.

Only when Zahra was ready to go to school was she asked where she was going. Zahra, who was still unconscious, innocently said she was going to school.

“Where’s the school?” asked a family member.

“I was in elementary school,” answered Zahra.

This elementary school child wakes up at sunset, rushes to get ready for school

I just realized that it was the wrong time when I was reminded. (Instagram/dissolo)

“Zahra’s Mano School, no one goes to school at night (Where is Zahra’s school, no one goes to school at night,” said a family member.

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“Hah, it’s night, not morning,” said Zahra.

Everyone in the house was immediately made to laugh at his words, when he realized that he had been getting ready for school at dusk. The comments column for the video upload was immediately flooded with comments from netizens.

“If you sleep a maximum of noon, hurry up in the afternoon because you don’t sleep well in the afternoon,” netizen comments.

“I have mixed feelings of shock, I’m afraid I’ll be late, I’m just as annoyed as how come no one wakes me up when I’m late,” another response.

“Wkwkwk Palembang slaves,” said another.

“I’ve done this too. I think the Asr Azan at dawn will automatically run to the bathroom. After taking a shower, I’ll be asked immediately. Where are you going? Go to school! Try to leave the house, it’s still late. Auto laughs until now,” said another netizen.