September 28, 2022

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Drama Sumika Sumire: A Grandmother Who Becomes Young Again

When you’re 65, what would you do if you got the chance to fix your life one more time and go back to when you were 20? Of course, it would be great if you could get a second chance to live your life and do things you didn’t have time to do. That’s what happens in dramas”Sumika Sumire“.

Drama Sumika Sumire tells the story of a woman named Sumi Kisaragi (Keiko Matsuzaka). He is 65 years old and has never been married.

Since childhood, he is an only child, always helping his mother run a flower shop. After school, he immediately returned home to help his mother and rarely hung out with his friends. Even though she wants to go to college, Sumi has to take care of her mother and grandmother. He also lives alone after his mother died when Sumi reached the age of 65.

Sumi, who got on the bus to go home after carrying her mother’s ashes, suddenly staggered due to the shock of the bus. However, a young man swiftly holds his hand before his mother’s ashes fall and asks Sumi to be careful. Sumi, who had never fallen in love until her current age, felt so nervous when she faced him.

After her mother died, Sumi lived alone. Only a cat named Julie became his life companion. When he was about to take a photo album of memories in the warehouse, he came across a Japanese folding screen with a black cat on it. He was checking the folding screen when he unknowingly cut the fragile wood of the folding screen in his hand. The blood from Sumi’s hands stained the folding screen.

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Sumi then brought the folding screen as well as the photo album she was looking for to the living room. He looked through the photos one by one and remembered his past, when his father didn’t let him go to college because his grandmother had just had an accident and his father told Sumi to take care of his grandmother.

In fact, at that time, Sumi was successfully accepted at a well-known university. The memory made Sumi cry and said that she really wanted to enjoy the past youth and study up to college.

Suddenly, a large black cat appeared in front of him. The cat then transformed into a man and he said that he would fulfill Sumi’s wish. Sumi was unconscious as soon as she saw the man’s eyes.

The next day, Sumi wakes up and rushes out of the house when she remembers she forgot to take out the trash. When she manages to catch up to the garbage truck that hasn’t gone far, Sumi is surprised, because the cleaners call her a young girl who is dressed unusually.

Sumi immediately reflects in the rearview mirror and finds herself back into the beautiful 20 year old young Sumi (played by Mirei Kiritani). What really happened to Sumi? Watch the sequel in the drama Sumika Sumire. Don’t miss it, ok?