December 6, 2022

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Drama Sherlock: Untold Stories, Japanese Version of Sherlock Holmes Series

Sherlock Holmes is one of the world’s most popular fictional characters. This detective story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has become a masterpiece that has received many film and serial adaptations, one of which is a Japanese drama.Sherlock: Untold Stories“.

Drama story Sherlock: Untold Stories takes the point of view of a character who is a psychiatrist named Junichi Wakamiya (played by Takanori Iwata).

One night, when he got home after work, he got a call from the hospital telling him that his doctor colleague and best friend had died after falling from the hospital roof, because someone was being chased by him.

Junichi became one of the people who were called to the hospital for questioning by the police. He was even suspected of being the suspect in the murder that made his best friend fall from the roof, because someone had heard he was arguing with his friend in the hospital.

During the interrogation process of doctors and hospital employees, Junichi is constantly followed by a man named Shishio Homare (played by Dean Fujioka).

However, Shishio is not a police officer, but a criminal case consultant who is often asked for help by one of the police chiefs, Reiji Eto (Kuranosuke Sasaki).

The incident that happened to Junichi’s friend caused the psychiatrist to be arrested. While Junichi is being interrogated at the police station, Shishio gets a hint that Junichi is not the culprit. He then contacted Reiji, the police chief, and asked for Junichi to be released.

Even though Junichi was innocent, he wasn’t uninvolved. In fact, Junichi is the one who holds the key to the cause of his best friend’s death. Shishio also cooperated with him to find the culprit and they managed to catch him.

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Junichi thought his business with Shishio was over after the case ended. In fact, not long after that Shishio showed up at his house and forced him to share a place to live. Even though Junichi is reluctant, he can’t stop Shishio and they end up living together.

The presence of Shishio at his house makes various cases appear in Junichi’s life who decides to quit his job. He is also involved in the investigation of these cases with Shishio. What kind of action is this Japanese version of Sherlock and Watson? Watch them in action in the drama Sherlock: Untold Stories. Don’t miss it, ok?