August 18, 2022

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Drama Re: The End of the Tiny World, The World Can Change in One Day

Tomorrow is always a mystery. We never know what will happen in the future. Maybe one day, an event or a meeting can change our lives. This is what is depicted in the drama ‘Re: The End of the Tiny World‘.

Drama Re: The End of the Tiny World takes place half a year after the end of the film. This drama is about Kida (played by Takanori Iwata) who is visited by her boss, because she has been missing for half a year after the revenge mission she took with Makoto (played by Mackenyu Arata).

His boss asked Kida to work again as a negotiator. He carries a request to free someone named Igarashi from an organization that runs a dirty business. Kida, who was initially reluctant to accept the request, finally changed her mind after learning that the client who asked for her was Igarashi’s childhood friend.

Kida is looking for information about Igarashi and resting on a rooftop when he meets a mysterious woman named Michiru (Airi Matsui). Michiru, who often came to the roof ridge, thought Kida would end his life.

He tried to prevent Kida by saying that the world could change in one day. Kida gasped at those words, because her childhood friend, Yocchi (Anna Yamada) had said the same thing.

As it turns out, Michiru is involved in the same organization as Igarashi. He also wants to escape from the organization, but his boss named Kei (Nobuaki Kaneko) always threatens to get Michiru’s sister into his dirty business if Michiru does something. Michiru was trying to survive, even though he was tormented by it.

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Kida never expected that she would meet Michiru again. In fact, this time, Kida found out that Michiru lived next door to him.

Unbeknownst to Kida, Michiru moves to the same place as Kida for a specific purpose. What does Michiru really want from Kida? Watch the sequel in the drama Re: The End of the Tiny World. Don’t miss it, ok?