December 6, 2022

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Drama Police in a Pod: The Struggle of a Beginner Policewoman on Duty

Everyone must have been a beginner in their field. Therefore, we do not need to rush to be proficient in a field. Learn a lot and enjoy the process. One day, all of a sudden we have become experts without us knowing it. That mandate is implied in the Japanese drama “Police in a Pod“.

Adapted from Miko Yasu’s manga, drama Police in a Pod tells the story of a policewoman named Mai Kawai (played by Mei Nagano). She is a naive and honest girl.

Even so, she works as a policewoman not because she has a sense of justice or wants to defend the truth, but simply because she wants to earn a stable income as a civil servant.

Mai thought that her work would go smoothly. In fact, after 10 months of strenuous training, Mai’s job was even tougher. Apart from having to work for 24 hours and solve cases, it turns out that he also has to do services and serve the community.

Even though she has tried to serve the community in earnest, Mai feels that she has never been appreciated. More than that, he actually got protests from the public and some people spoke badly about him on social media.

All the things that Mai experienced made her decide to write a letter of resignation, not long after her assignment in the regional police.

Just as he was about to hand over the letter, his boss said that Mai would change tutors. He will be guided by a policewoman named Seiko Fuji (Erika Toda) who comes from the criminal department. Seiko is a professional police officer, but for some reason, she is transferred to Machiyama, where Mai is assigned.

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The cases that kept coming made Mai never had time to submit her resignation letter. He even had to rewrite his resignation letter, because the previous letter was damaged while he was on duty.

In the end, Mai managed to get up the courage to talk about her resignation, after she failed to catch the criminals and was negligent of public reports. He felt that he did not have the ability to be a police officer.

However, Mai’s heart, which is always sincere when helping the community, makes someone come to her job and thank her for the help that Mai has given her.

Seeing this, Seiko also convinced Mai that he might not be a really tough cop yet. However, there are things that Mai can do for many people, even if it doesn’t make her look like a police officer. Seiko cheered Mai and said that she didn’t need to rush to become a great police officer.

Seiko’s kindness makes Mai feel she can last longer in the police force if Seiko guides her. He also failed to resign and returned to work with Seiko.

How is the action of this new policewoman who partnered with this professional policewoman? Watch the sequel in the drama Police in a Pod. It’s definitely fun, especially since this drama is flavored with fresh humor. Enjoy watching!