December 6, 2022

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Drama Our Sister’s Soulmate: Between Family, Love and Past Trauma

It is not easy to rise from trauma and forget past events. However, the peace of life can only be obtained after we make peace with our past and accept it as a part of our lives. This is implied in the Japanese drama entitled Our Sister’s Soulmate.

Drama Our Sister’s Soulmate tells the story of a girl named Momoko Adachi (Kasumi Arimura). He lives with his three younger brothers, namely Kazuki Adachi (played by Kaito Takahashi), Yuki Adachi (played by Wataru Hyuga) and Tomoki Adachi (played by Ryoka Minamide). Each of them was 20, 17 and 14 years old. They get along well, and care for and love each other.

Their parents died in an accident when Momoko was still in high school. He also forgot the idea of ​​going to college and was determined to look after and support his three younger siblings by working in a home fashion store. He has worked there for nine years. His colleagues at the shop were very nice to him. They even know Momoko’s three sisters.

One day, the company where Momoko works intends to decorate their shop for a celebration. Each part of the company sends people to get involved in the plan. Momoko was appointed as the representative of the house fashion section.

During the planning meeting, he met a young man named Manato Yoshioka (Kento Hayashi) who was sent from the delivery department. At the meeting, each section was asked to provide an idea. Momoko was impressed when Manato expressed his idea, because it turned out to be the same idea that Momoko was about to propose. Manato’s proposal was approved and they prepared to carry out the plan.

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Since then, Momoko and Manato often meet and talk, moreover they have to make preparations for the celebration together. Momoko feels compatible with Manato and their relationship is getting closer, thus making Momoko often behave strangely at home, such as often smiling to herself and singing while cooking. The three sisters start to think that Momoko is in love.

One day, Momoko made a mistake in her work, so she had to deliver things at night. Manato’s superiors, knowing that the delivery distance was very far, asked Manato to deliver Momoko. The girl did not have time to refuse and finally got into the car. However, on the way home, he couldn’t stand the fear he felt and asked Manato to stop the car.

Turns out, Momoko has a trauma to cars, because she saw herself when her parents were hit by a car in front of her eyes. In fact, the girl really likes cars, but her trauma makes her unable to even sit in the passenger seat. Momoko said that she was trying really hard to get over the trauma, but Manato reassured her and said that it wasn’t easy to forget what had happened.

Manato said it was not without reason. He really understands Momoko’s feelings, because she herself is struggling to recover from the trauma caused by the tragic events in her past. What really happened in Manato’s past? How will he recover from his trauma? Watch the sequel in the drama Our Sister’s Soulmate.

Drama Our Sister’s Soulmate is an extraordinary drama, because it turns out that the story in it is not only about an older brother who takes care of his three younger siblings and meets his soulmate. Much more than that, this drama teaches us about the close bonds of brotherhood, ways to recover from trauma, and the efforts to accept the past and forgive ourselves.

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Especially for survivors of sexual violence, there are certain scenes in this drama that may evoke memories or trauma to you of an unpleasant event. Therefore, your wisdom is highly expected before watching this drama, yes.