October 1, 2022


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Drama Heat: Sincere Struggle of Volunteer Firefighters

The profession of firefighters is of course very well known in the community, but have you ever heard and known about volunteer firefighters? What’s the difference between a firefighter and what are their jobs, huh?

If you’re curious, you can find out how volunteer firefighters work through the Japanese drama ‘Heat‘.

Drama Heat tells the story of an ambitious and arrogant man named Tatsuya Ikegami (played by Akira). He works in a company real estate and is pursuing a major urban development project. The city proposed to be the location of the project is called Sachioh City.

In order to gain the trust of his superiors to carry out this big project, Tatsuya heads to Sachioh City to find out who owns the land in the city.

He is also trying to find a way to get land owners there to sell their land. To make this happen, he joins a volunteer firefighter group in Sachioh City.

Volunteer groups of firefighters are people who are trained to deal with disaster situations. These volunteers consist of ordinary members of the public with various professions, such as office workers or students.

If they carry out their usual activities during the day, they will carry out their duties as volunteers in the afternoon and into the evening.

When there is no disaster situation, they greet residents, patrol, and remind residents to be careful of fires and other dangerous situations as a precaution.

Tatsuya disguised himself as a financial consultant while volunteering for a firefighter. Over time, Tatsuya slowly understands that the job of volunteer firefighters is not as easy as it seems.

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The group should contain people who are sincere in helping others selflessly or expecting appreciation from anyone.

Meanwhile, the volunteer firefighters in Sachioh City, who do not know Tatsuya’s true intentions, treat Tatsuya very well and regard him as a comrade who fights together to protect Sachioh City.

What will happen when they realize that Tatsuya joined the group just to get a project from his superiors? Watch the sequel in the drama Heat.

This drama is full of education and shows how volunteer firefighters struggle in carrying out their duties. Therefore, this drama is too good to miss.