October 6, 2022


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Drama Hana Yori Dango: A Girl Who Melts the Heart of an Arrogant Youth

A person who bullies another person will usually get angry when he gets resistance. However, what would happen if a young man who was often bullied fell in love with a girl who dared to fight him? This is what happens in Japanese dramas.”Hana Yori Dango“.

Based on the manga of the same name by Yoko Kamio, drama Hana Yori Dango tells the story of a girl named Tsukushi Makino (played by Mao Inoue). He attends Eitoku Gakuen, an elite school that contains students from wealthy and influential families.

At his school, there is a group of students who are powerful and often bully other students. The group named “Flower 4” or abbreviated as “F4” consists of Tsukasa Domyoji (played by Jun Matsumoto), Rui Hanazawa (played by Shun Oguri), Sojiro Nishikado (played by Shota Matsuda), and Akira Mimasaka (played by Tsuyoshi Abe). . Tsukasa is the leader of the group and he is an arrogant young man who acts the cruelest.

The F4 group spread terror using red envelopes that read “From F4″ on who they are targeting. If any student finds the envelope in his locker, he will be severely bullied by the whole school, including the F4 group. The teachers at the school also turned a blind eye, because the parents of the F4 members were powerful people who were the biggest contributors to the school.

Makino is actually a brave girl and always stands up for her friends who are bullied. He will beat anyone who does not good to his friend. However, he could not show an attitude when dealing with the F4 group and preferred to remain silent, even though he did not agree with what the F4 group was doing.

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The reason Makino kept quiet was because she came from a poor family. His family was so proud when he found out that he made it into Eitoku Gakuen and was willing to do whatever it took to keep him in school. Makino herself does part-time work to help support her family’s finances. Makino always tries not to get involved with the F4 group. He did this in the hope that he could graduate from the school without any problems.

In fact, Makino couldn’t dodge any longer when one day her classmate accidentally spilled a drink and hit Tsukasa’s shirt. As a result, his friend gets bad treatment from Tsukasa and Makino tries to defend him. The incident made Makino suffer at school the next day, after she found a red envelope from the F4 group in her locker. What will Makino experience next? Find the answer in drama Hana Yori Dango. Enjoy watching!