September 27, 2022

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Drama Black School Rules: Students’ Efforts to Change School Rules

Every school must implement various rules that must be obeyed by its students. If a student is found to be in violation, he or she will be subject to sanctions or penalties. However, what happens if the students rebel against the school’s rules, even determined to change them? This is what happens in the drama”Black School Rules“.

Drama Black School Rules tells the story of two students named Sora Onoda (played by Shori Sato) and Chuya Tsukioka (played by Kaito Takahashi).

The school where they study applies very strict rules, such as hair must be black, bicycles are not allowed to go to school, students are not allowed to wear pigtails, and so on.

In order to keep all the rules up to date, the teachers monitor their students every morning to reprimand those who break the rules, and don’t even hesitate to expel them.

Sora and Chuya felt that some of the rules were too strict, unreasonable and unreasonable. For example, such as hair color that must be black. Sora witnessed for himself that a classmate was not allowed to enter the school, because his hair was naturally brown. He was only able to enter school after dyeing his hair black.

Another rule they can’t accept is the ban on part-time work for students. In fact, Chuya is a student who has to work odd jobs to help his family, because his father has passed away. He was forced to hide the fact that he worked part time in a bakery.

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Sora and Chuya also devise various plans to be able to change the binding rules. One of Sora’s efforts is to propose to the student council president to make a petition.

Unfortunately, no one supports him, including the student council president. This refusal prompted Sora to decide to make his own box and petition form to challenge the strict school rules.

Some time later, Sora took the petition box and found that it was filled. That is, there are people who support the movement. However, before Sora could see whose names were listed on the petition form, the box was seized by the vice president of the student council who caught Sora.

Sora went home with a disappointed and depressed heart. However, when he got home, he found a piece of paper petition with his own name on it. On the back of the paper, was a website address and an order to assemble addressed to the five rebels, without naming the individuals.

Sora also accessed the page and sure enough, there were four other people who accessed it. Each of them uses a character and a pseudonym so that no one knows their identity.

The only clue on the page is that there is a statement that the page can only be accessed by people who have signed the petition Sora created. On the page, they compiled various plans of rebellion against school rules.

So, besides Sora, who are the other four people who entered the page? Have they succeeded in realizing their goal of changing school rules that they feel are too restrictive? Watch the continuation of the story of Sora and the other four rebels in the drama Black School Rules. Enjoy watching!

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