December 6, 2022

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Drama 99.9 Criminal Lawyer: The Truth Behind 0.1% Criminal Cases

The conviction rate for criminal cases in Japan stands at 99.9%. When someone sues, he or she will almost certainly find out the truth of the case.

Among the many lawyers and authorities who solve 99.9% of these criminal cases, there are some who are trying to pursue the truth behind the remaining 0.1% of cases. That’s what happens in Japanese dramas”99.9 Criminal Lawyer“.

Drama 99.9 Criminal Lawyer presents a story about a smart lawyer named Hiroto Miyama (played by Jun Matsumoto).

He solves various criminal cases with his partner, Tatsuya Akashi (Jin Katagiri), but is unable to make much money. They had just returned from a trial when a luxury car nearly hit them while trying to cross.

Akashi swiftly grabbed Miyama’s hand to avoid the speeding car. They survive, but Miyama’s cell phone falls and is run over by the car.

However, the car owner had absolutely no intention of taking responsibility and just walked away, even though they had explained the situation.

Miyama and Akashi then continued their journey home. While passing by a coffee shop, Akashi kept complaining, because their job didn’t make any money, even just to drink coffee. Unexpectedly, a man who was in the shop recognized Miyama and called out to him.

The man named Haruhiko Madarame (Ittoku Kishibe) turns out to be the owner of the number one lawyer agency in Japan. Madarame intends to recruit Miyama, because he knows how intelligent the lawyer is. However, Miyama refuses, because he wants to become an independent lawyer without having to work under someone’s leadership.

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Madarame tries to persuade Miyama by giving him a high salary which he also refuses. Knowing this, Akashi immediately urged Miyama to accept the job.

Akashi tells Madarame that he will convince Miyama as long as he is hired too. Miyama kept refusing until their meeting ended. However, a gesture from Madarame draws Miyama’s attention to Madarame’s identity.

Akashi tried to convince Miyama with all his might. Finally, Miyama wanted to visit Madarame’s office. Unexpectedly, in that place he met the person who almost hit him the other day.

The man named Atsuhiro Sada (Teruyuki Kagawa) was surprised and wanted to give compensation, but more than that, Madarame actually recruited Miyama to become Sada’s subordinate as a criminal case lawyer.

Together with a female lawyer named Ayano Tachibana (Nana Eikura) who is also transferred to the criminal case department, Sada and Miyama are ready to pursue the truth behind 0.1% of criminal cases in Japan, which is the remaining 99.9% of cases that have been revealed.

However, Miyama’s colleagues are surprised by Miyama’s unique way of investigating a case. What was Miyama actually doing while conducting the investigation? Watch the action in the drama 99.9 Criminal Lawyer. Certainly fun and a pity to miss.