September 28, 2022

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Drama 99.9 Criminal Lawyer Season 2: Continuation of Lawyer Hiroto Miyama’s Action

Remember the action of the smart lawyer Hiroto Miyama? He returned to struggling with various cases in the drama sequel “99.9 Criminal Lawyer Season 2“. This time, he got a new partner.

Drama 99.9 Criminal Lawyer Season 2 begins with the confusion of Haruhiko Madarame, the head of the Madarame Lawyers Agency, where Hiroto Miyama (Jun Matsumoto) works.

He can’t find a replacement for Atsuhiro Sada (Teruyuki Kagawa) who quits his position as head of the criminal case department. The three people he recruited didn’t last long in the department, as well as the one recruited to replace Miyama’s colleague who was doing an overseas exchange.

Finally, Madarame asked Sada to return to the criminal case department. Sada, who was actually reluctant to return, because he had succeeded in becoming a civil law adviser, agreed to Madarame’s request with several conditions.

Sada is again partnered with Miyama and they get a case where the father of a client is accused of murder, even though the father admits that he did not.

The client then asks his friend who is a former judge, Maiko Ozaki (Fumino Kimura) for help. Because the case is so complicated and all the evidence points to the suspect, Ozaki suggested that his friend change lawyers and they arrived at the Madarame Lawyers Agency.

Similar to his other colleagues when he first met Miyama, Ozaki was confused and often annoyed with Miyama’s way of solving cases. However, the case eventually led to Ozaki joining the criminal case department of the Madarame Lawyers Agency.

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As in the previous series, they are also trying to dig up 0.1% of the truth of the case remaining from the 99.9% of the truth that was revealed.

However, this time Miyama is not only faced with the cases of his clients. He also finds new evidence about the case of his late father, which has not been revealed for years.

Will Miyama be able to solve the case? Is Miyama’s father really at fault? Watch the sequel in the drama 99.9 Criminal Lawyer Season 2 which is certainly no less exciting than the previous series. Enjoy watching!