October 6, 2022


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Don’t want to regret later? Pay attention to these 3 things when choosing a partner

Not a few people who after marriage later regretted their decision. Apart from being too hasty, another cause of regret is choosing the wrong partner. Thought it was good, it turned out to be a criminal-like behavior. Thought it would be happy, but it turned out to be miserable.

Therefore, when choosing a partner to be a future partner, don’t just glare at the appearance. You have to dig deeper into what the character is like, because later that’s what you’ll be dealing with on a daily basis.

In order not to regret later, here will be discussed some things that must be considered when choosing a partner. Let’s see.

1. How to express anger

One of the most powerful emotions is anger. How he expresses it can draw what he looks like, you know, and will help you whether he is right or not to be a potential husband or wife.

Watch when he’s angry. Does he often use harsh words, slam things around him, or kick the door? If so, it’s better to reconsider to be a partner. This way of expressing anger is usually a trait of a partner who abusive. Domestic relations will later be vulnerable to domestic violence.

2. The way he communicates

Communication is the lifeblood of a relationship. Good communication will encourage a healthy marriage. On the other hand, poor communication can cause domestic life to be like hell.

Therefore, make sure you pay attention to how you communicate. Often harbored feelings, likes to issue sarcasm or sarcastic statements, are examples of unhealthy communication that can later make your household always filled with fights.

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On the other hand, the way he communicates gently, honestly, always pays attention to the situation, and takes care not to hurt him, this can be a green light for a healthy marriage in the future.

3. How to manage finances

Among the causes of the dissolution of the household, is financial matters. An extravagant partner can make family finances fall apart. Therefore, this is also an important factor to consider when choosing a partner.

Find a partner who is wise in managing finances. That means, he has matured in thinking. The money made is not only for fun, but also prepares for a good future.

Hopefully this description can help you to choose the right partner. Don’t get me wrong, okay?