December 1, 2022

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‘Don’t Teach Me Patience!’ This woman was wrong to renovate a house that doesn’t belong to her and has already run out of tens of millions, Eh, it turns out

Renovating a home has become more of a dream for many people. However, not everyone can renovate the house as expected.

A woman pours out her sadness in a video on her TikTok because it was wrong to renovate a house that doesn’t belong to her even though she has spent tens of millions of rupiah. Quoting from an Instagram account that re-shared the woman’s video, it looks like a newly renovated house.

The house, which is located in non-subsidized housing, was renovated into a minimalist style like today’s residential trends. However, the woman who owned this house had to swallow her disappointment.

Not because the renovation results were not good, but because he was wrong to repair the house that was not his. The house he renovated costing tens of millions of rupiah turned out to be someone else’s.

This is known 3 months after the payment of the house is paid off and the renovation is complete.

“Don’t teach me to be patient, I once bought cash housing that has been renovated for more than tens of millions but 3 months later there are mothers who come to say that this is their house and it turns out that I bought the wrong one,” the video said, as quoted by, Wednesday (05/05/2020). 10/2022).

Chronology of Events

The chronology of the incidents of wrong home renovation. (Instagram/bundsthetic)

This viral video had reaped the pros and cons of netizens who thought that the woman was just making content. The woman also spoke up to explain the problem of buying the wrong house which resulted in tens of millions of renovation losses.

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“So the story is that this house already has an owner but has never been occupied. I bought it through the developer, not the owner, I’ve checked 5 times,” said this woman.

After confirming that the house he was going to buy was actually sold, he immediately gave a down payment to the developer. He pays off in 3 days before a notary so that he can immediately process the name transfer.

However, the woman had to wait for her house certificate to come out. Up to 3 months the certificate of the house has not been finished.

He also felt that there was something odd here. It’s true that he bought the wrong house which should have been number two but he renovated house number 1.

This woman had an argument with the mother of the owner of house number 1 for up to a month. However, the problem with the house was resolved amicably.

“Yes, they finally gave in, but with the condition that they are given bonuses for all kinds of fences,” said the woman who owns house number 1.