July 2, 2022


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Don’t Just Old Age, Apply These 4 Things So You Are More Mature

Old is certain, but growing up is a choice. The sentence above is true, because if we look at the daily reality, not a few people are old but their behavior is still childish. Well, so that you are not only old, there are several things that should be applied so that you can become more mature.

What are the things that need to be implemented so that you are more mature?

1. Reduce it and try to stop the behavior that harms others

The first thing you need to do in order to be more mature, is to reduce until you can stop completely from harming other people. If you’ve often borrowed things and haven’t returned them immediately, even if the person’s goods have been damaged, from now on, return them immediately if they have been used. If you use the item often, intend to buy it, don’t keep borrowing it, okay?

Likewise, if you have often spoken harshly, from now on try to reduce it and replace it with more friendly words. If you do it consistently, your bad behavior will definitely disappear, and it indicates that you have matured because you have succeeded in conquering bad habits.

2. Take responsibility for yourself

Do you often blame others? From now on reduced until it can be completely eliminated, yes. Attitudes often blame others, including immature characteristics, you know.

The opposite is the ability to take responsibility for yourself. That means, if you are indeed wrong for what you have done, yes, admit it. Don’t even show it here and there.

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3. Stop lying

Do you often lie, both to others and to yourself? From now on this bad habit also needs to be fixed, yes. Try to tell the truth even if sometimes it’s much more than lying.

4. Get rid of selfishness

Often want to win yourself and impose personal opinions? This includes examples of selfish behavior, you know. Mature people know when to compromise and when to be stubborn. Being selfish shows that you are still a child, and that is not liked by many people.

Try to apply these things, yes, if you want to turn into an adult and have a mature personality. It’s not easy, but if you try, you can do it.