August 14, 2022

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Don’t Follow It, Here Are 4 Characteristics of Misleading Advice

When we do something, we generally don’t do it perfectly. For that, we often hear or get suggestions from others for us to do. He said if we follow the advice it will be better.

Some suggestions may be useful and we need to do. However, not all of them are. Sometimes there are people who give advice to mislead us. In other words, we will actually get into trouble if we follow this advice.

People who usually give misleading advice are people who pretend to be nice to us. In front of giving advice as if he cares and wants us to be better, even though his intentions are not good. Therefore, we must be able to sort out which advice is good and which advice is misleading.

The following are 4 signs of misleading advice.

1. Advisers Don’t Want To Do

If the advice given has a good purpose, the adviser should also do the same. However, if someone advises us to do something but he/she doesn’t want to do it himself, then we should be wary. It could be that he wants to plunge us into things that are not good.

Therefore, it is better to follow the advice of people who are experienced or have done it first. This will be proof that the thing done is good.

2. Impressed Urgent

Suggestions are suggestions, others recommend, but the decision remains in our hands. We may or may not carry out these suggestions. This is because we will experience the consequences of our actions.

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However, if someone wants to mislead us by giving false advice, then usually he will pressure or force us to do the advice given. This is because he wants us to fall into the evil that he wants.

3. Do not take part and take responsibility

Someone who is sincere in giving advice usually helps us in realizing the suggestion. Likewise, when we get into trouble as a result of the advice given, chances are he will help us solve it as best he can.

However, if someone gives us advice but doesn’t want to get involved, it could be that he wants to wash his hands and doesn’t want to take responsibility if something happens.

4. Bad Feeling

If someone gives us advice, use our instincts or feelings. Maybe you will feel bad about doing the suggestion because you feel something unwanted will happen. Although feelings or instincts are not always valid.

Thus 4 characteristics of misleading advice. Don’t take other people’s words for granted. Keep in mind every step we will take.