August 8, 2022

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Don’t Click: Mysterious Video That Brings Supernatural Terror

Even though we live in a world that has developed in such a way and has high technology, it turns out that there are many things that cannot be explained by logic or common sense.

There are many things that make the human mind unable to answer a phenomenon, even though it has been thought about from various sides of science. Until in the end, the phenomenon remains only a mere mystery.

However, what would happen if a mystery, provoke curiosity and ultimately fatal to someone? Of course, like it or not, you have to find a solution to the problem, right? Especially if the effect interferes with the lives of loved ones.

This is what Se Hee (played by Park Bo Young) and Jung I (played by Kang Byul) experienced in the film titled Don’t Click.

This 93-minute film which was released in 2012 outlines the story of one of the myths or mysteries that are milling about in human life related to the electronic world.

It was told that there was a forbidden video which at that time spread in cyberspace. In his explanation, the “forbidden video” which became the talk of many people was rumored to have a negative effect on those who tried to click on the video.

Although it caused fear for the wider community, the existence of the video also sparked curiosity for some people.

On that basis, Jung Mi, Se Hee’s brother, asks Joo Woon (Joon Hyuk), who is Se Hee’s boyfriend, to download the file.

Jung Mi’s request to Joon Hyuk himself is not without reason. The reason is, Joon Hyuk is an officer who works in a special investigation team for cyber crimes.

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Sure enough, after watching the video, a series of strange events began to happen to Jung Mi. supernatural things began to terrorize him, to cause tremendous fear.

Realizing this, See Hee also struggles to save her sister, as well as explore what really happened, causing the deadly terror.

Well, want to know how See Hee’s struggle is in saving Jung Mi as well as conquering the various terrors that plague their lives? Find all the answers in the movie Don’t Click this is it guys!