December 1, 2022

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Don’t Be Embarrassed by False Voices! These are 3 benefits of singing that will lighten the heart

It is undeniable, singing is something that may seem difficult for some people. Either because he was tone-deaf, or too insecure to do so. In fact, singing is one of the most effective ways to express feelings.

This happens because singing is closely related to a person’s psychological condition. For example, when we are sad, we want to hear and sing sad songs. The sad song that we sing seems to represent our feelings. Likewise when you feel happy.

No need to feel ashamed when our voices are fake, here are 3 benefits of singing so that your heart feels lighter.

1. Reduce stress

Stress is a problem that every human has. You can reduce stress by singing.

Citing page Alodokter.comthis is evidenced by a number of studies that show levels of the hormone cortisol or what we usually know as the stress hormone decreases after singing.

However, for those of you who are shy about singing in public, the levels of this stress hormone will decrease only when you sing in a place that you feel comfortable with and away from people who ridicule you. For example, singing in your bathroom or private room.

2. Reduce negative thoughts

Singing can also reduce our negative thoughts, you know. By singing we can reduce the negative thoughts that come when we daydream.

In addition, singing also reduces the possibility of daydreaming, because we unconsciously focus on the tone. With our minds focused on singing, our minds don’t have time to worry unnecessarily.

Not only that, singing can also reduce your desire to get angry.

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3. Make your heart more relaxed

Have you ever felt sad or angry, but couldn’t express it freely? Singing is one thing that can express you, because basically musicians or songwriters make songs to express themselves.

Therefore, by singing, you will feel that your feelings have been conveyed without hurting anyone.

Well, that’s him guys, 3 benefits of singing that can make your heart lighter. You don’t need a voice as beautiful as Adele to sing. Sing to yourself at your most comfortable note and place.