August 14, 2022

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Don’t be buried, do these 4 things when you miss someone!

Because longing cannot be underestimated and can have a big impact, then you must try to control yourself and overcome your longing. Don’t let the feelings that you think are simple actually backfire on yourself.

When you miss someone, do the things below so that it all gets resolved soon.

1. Say

Yes, do not hesitate to tell him. Because longing is a natural thing to feel. Especially if you miss your crush. As long as neither of you have a partner, you still have the right to miss each other.

Saying miss may not be as easy as written, but still not impossible to do. If you are someone who is difficult to be honest with, then you can use some parable language to show how you feel.

2. Invite to meet

Don’t be afraid to ask to meet first. Although maybe some people think that asking to meet first is a high level of prestige, but who would have thought that if you keep holding it in you will be tortured alone.

Giving code is not an effective way to convey longing. Therefore, you must try to express it directly so that what is blocking in your heart can be resolved.

3. Take advantage of time

When you miss someone, then you have to try to take advantage of the time you have. Don’t let all opportunities go to waste.

When you meet your idol, try to maximize all the available moments. Be a human figure stored in memories with the best side. So you will be missed too. Be simple, but special.

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4. Stop acting silly

Missing is really annoying. But sometimes, that misbehavior will actually make you lose yourself. Maybe you will embarrass yourself. Or maybe you’ll even do something silly that you can’t forget for the rest of your life.

Stop acting silly. Master yourself and be an elegant person. It’s not easy to manage feelings, but you shouldn’t be unable to walk on the right circumstances.

Those are the 4 things you should do when you miss someone. Come on, be a better person!