September 26, 2022

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Donations are often given, beggars are even rude to open the door of the owner’s house without permission

The existence of beggars asking for donations is not only found in public areas. However, beggars often come directly to people’s homes to ask for donations.

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz on social media about a beggar who behaves rudely, often being given a donation, even opening the door of the owner’s house without permission. The viral video was shared by the Instagram social media account from the upload of the house owner’s son-in-law.

Video footage shows a beggar, an elderly woman who comes to a house. The house was quiet.

The son-in-law of the owner of the house said that these beggar mothers every Tuesday for the last two years always came to their in-laws’ house. The son-in-law judged that the beggar was even more insolent by the day.

“The more you come here, the more disrespectful it is. You don’t use knocking on the door, you just open the door of your own house and call your in-laws,” he said as quoted by, Thursday (22/09/2022).

Even though the beggar’s attitude was like that, his mother-in-law still gave him donations. The thing that makes this son-in-law irritated with beggar mothers is not only his disrespectful attitude.

Beggars are getting impertinent Open

This beggar is being rude in people’s homes. (Instagram/

However, beggar mothers also underestimate the donation money if only given a little.

“Once one day I gave it because my parents-in-law weren’t around. Because the amount was small, he said ‘Where’s the hajj lady?’ and immediately looked away,” he said.

In contrast to his attitude, if given a donation, the father-in-law would say thank you and wish him well. In the video footage, this beggar can also be seen taking a bottle that is placed on a chair on the terrace of the house.

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The video of a beggar who behaved insolently for opening the door of the owner’s house without permission reaped the indignation of netizens.

“Just send it straight to the social institution,” netizen comments.

“Try when he comes, just say today is the opposite day, it’s time for me to ask from you,” said another.

“That’s why I’m lazy to give this model, healthy and fit woi,” other opinion.

“Being greeted even crossed the line,” said another.

“If you want a parent, it doesn’t mean you can justify improper behavior. If you want a parent, if it’s not polite, it’s still wrong,” added another netizen.