December 1, 2022

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Dolls Declare Peace with Aremania

The management of Persebaya Surabaya and the Bonek decided to end the feud with their old rival Arema FC and their supporters known as Aremania, after the bloody tragedy that befell Aremania at the Kanjuruhan Stadium on October 1, 2022 which caused hundreds of lives to be lost. The tragedy occurred at the end of the match when Arema hosted Persebaya in the 11th week of Liga 1 with a final score of 2-3.

Quoted from Twitter @AremaFC on Wednesday night (5/10/2022), Arema received Bonek’s arrival at Kanjuruhan Stadium after previously Persebaya announced that it would hold a meeting between Bonek and Aremania to discuss their peace. Persebaya also expressed deep condolences for the tragedy in Kanjuruhan.

Nawaitu Peace. We, Persebaya management, together with all ranks, coaches, players, staff, as well as Persebaya supporters, would like to express our deepest condolences to all victims and families of the tragedy in Kanjuruhan.,” wrote Persebaya on Twitter on Wednesday.

In the statement, management said that the family of Persebaya shareholders represented by Azrul Ananda had communicated directly to Gilang Widya Permana as the President of the Arema Club.

This is done to discuss the relationship between the two parties in the future, including the Bonek and Aremania who are also building communication.

The nawaitu is the same, to end all enmity, and start and build a better relationship in the future” said the soccer club from the City of Heroes.

Both agreed to hold a meeting with their respective supporters and management to discuss their good intentions in resolving the longstanding conflict.

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They don’t just stop there, they have also planned to make it happen in various concrete activities and programs.

Hopefully all the good intentions and goals of these two parties can be understood and supported by as many friends as possible, if not all of them can. Because after all, competition is only 90 minutes on the pitch, before and after we are all brothers,” said Persebaya ending his statement.

Many people know that Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya are football clubs with high rivalry in the country. Persebaya’s decision to make peace has received a lot of support and is good news for fans and netizens.

Since the Kanjuruhan tragedy, many supporters have realized that off-field rivalry should not happen. Now, many supporters are starting to call for peace action, as has been done by Persis Solo and PSIM Yogyakarta.