December 6, 2022

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Do these 5 Dopamine Detox Ways, especially for those of you who are addicted to gadgets

Detox serves to select things that should enter the brain and things that do not need to enter the brain, so that the brain can control it. While dopamine is an organic chemical compound derived from catecholamines and phenethylamine. The function of dopamine is as a hormone and neurotransmitter that has an important role in the body and brain. So dopamine is a thing that triggers us to want something so we want to make it happen. Our brain will prioritize activities that are considered fun and happy.

Everything we do and produce pleasure has a dopamine effect. Like playing gadgets, watching TV, watching movies. We get many happy things from scrolling gadgets that sometimes make us forget some activities because of the fun of watching movies, watching YouTube, scrolling Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook.

If this activity is not controlled then we will lose our productive time to do various things. Dopamine detox serves to control our brains so we don’t get addicted to social media. When we will spend our day surfing in cyberspace which results in some neglected work. In this article we will discuss 5 ways to detox dopamine.

Here are 5 dopamine detox methods, especially for those of you who are addicted to gadgets:

1. Create a Gadget Usage Schedule

Try to make a schedule for using gadgets. There are several other activities that are more fun than playing gadgets. Like exercising, cooking, reading books, writing and doing your hobbies. The schedule can be tried by giving special time when playing gadgets such as during breaks or relaxing hours after all work has been completed.

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When you are consistent with the schedule you have made, you will slowly get used to it and not be addicted to gadgets anymore.

2. Give Consequences or Punishments When You Violate

After the schedule is made your task is consequently to follow the schedule. And from the consequences of the schedule, you can give yourself a punishment when you violate it. For example, in the schedule you made, you have 3 hours to play social media and watch YouTube. So if in a day you exceed 3 hours in playing social media then you must receive a penalty. Choose punishments that make you productive and rewarding, such as push-ups or penalties with fines.

3. Diverting Gadget Playing Activities with Useful Things

People vent their frustration with daily activities by playing gadgets because all the entertainment is gathered there. Try to replace social media scrolling activities with more useful activities such as helping mom, cleaning the house, arranging clothes and several other activities.

4. Doing Physical Activity

When you just spend time lying down while playing gadgets, you will make your body weaker due to lack of movement and exercise. Try some physical creativity that makes you healthier such as jogging, playing a bicycle, push ups, shit ups or some physical activities that can make your body fit.

5. Removing Addictive Apps

Some applications make users addicted, when you are at the peak of an intolerable addiction. Try deleting the application so that nothing can interfere with your activities anymore. By removing the opiate application you will get used to not playing gadgets all day.

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Those are 5 ways to detox dopamine so that your life is more productive and meaningful. This world is wide, there are many things you can do, not just lying down and playing with gadgets and scrolling through social media. Be useful to those around you.