May 30, 2023

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Do these 3 things so that your decision for the gap year is not in vain

After graduating from high school, most students choose to directly continue their education to the world of lectures, some decide not to go to college, the rest choose to take a year’s break to continue their studies later. The cool term is gap year.

Why do people choose to gap year? Usually, those who take gap year because they are constrained by economic problems that require them to work first to finance their semester fees for college later. Some of them feel they need a break to rest their brains before returning to study for approximately 4 years.

Decision gap year not always bad. However, sometimes what makes us feel gap year what’s bad is that during that pause we don’t do anything meaningful. Therefore, in order for our decision to take gap year not in vain, here are 3 things we can do to fill it.

1. Keep taking the time to study

Our main goal is to take gap year in addition to the economic problem is because we want to give freshness to the brain which has been saturated with learning. However, this does not mean when gap year, we just fill it with continuous play. We still have to make time to study, but maybe not as strict as when we were in school.

We can take as much as one to two hours a day to study, whatever it is. Studying for the college entrance test, studying related subjects that support the majors we choose, whatever it is, the important thing is not to let your spare time be wasted.

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2. Review our intention to go to college

If our reason gap year is to rest the brain, so during that break, try to review our intention to go to college. Do we really intend to go to college or do we just want to go along with friends? How long will it take us to refreshing? A year, two years, or three years? After the break, do we still want to go to college?

3. Find passion and the right college major

If we are still undecided about what major to choose in college later, then during this period, gap year try to think carefully about that major. Don’t let it be, we will regret it later because of the wrong major. Most students go wrong majors because they don’t have time to think about it. So, start discovering passion our. Try anything. After successfully finding passionthink about what major suits you passion that.

Those are 3 things we can do so that the times gap year we are not wasted. Hopefully this article is useful.