December 2, 2022

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Dismiss Rumors of Disbandment, Jungkook: BTS Forever!

Yesterday K-Pop fans around the world were shocked by the news of the hiatus and even the disbandment of the super group BTS which was broadcast in celebration of their 9th anniversary through a video titled 2022 The Real BTS Dinner Party.

This spontaneously caused mass confusion among fans. Most of them felt confused and disappointed to hear BTS decided to go on hiatus at the peak of their current popularity.

Apart from confusing the public, the news of this hiatus also had a direct impact on HYBE Labels’ stock price, which had fallen more than 21% at 09.07 KST this morning.

Because it has created such a wide impact, HYBE Labels also spoke up to state that all the rumors circulating were a misunderstanding, “BTS is not taking a hiatus. (Only) the members will focus more on solo projects at this time,” said HYBE.

Not staying silent, several members also gave their clarification regarding this news. Adapt kbizoomLast night (6/15/22) Jungkook even took the time to chat with fans through the V Live streaming service.

He explained, “We made the ‘BTS Dinner’ video as an opportunity to share about our future plans. The fact that we plan to do individual activities doesn’t mean we won’t be doing group activities anymore.”

Jungkook firmly clarified the rumors about BTS’s disbandment, saying, “I just wanted to let everyone know in case there are still misunderstandings. We don’t plan on disbanding. We still have a lot of schedules to do as a group that will be announced soon. .”

Jungkook also revealed the program Run BTS will continue and emphasize that, “BTS (will last) forever”. He continued, “Sometimes I feel tired or just want to stay in one place. Even when I’ve had moments like that before, there’s a lot of work to be done,” Jungkook said, implying that BTS remained busy in their free time.

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Finally, Jungkook BTS said, “Even when we want to do individual activities, we still need to gather a lot of things to develop the plan. In this way, we can show you many different things. Let’s think of it as a new plan. I just I want you all to know that we will not stop doing group activities,” he said, clearing up all the misunderstandings circulating on the internet.