September 26, 2022

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Disadvantages and Pros of Sleeping in One Bed with Cats

The debate about sleeping with cats, whether good or not, has been going on for years. On the one hand, there are those who say that they are comfortable and immediately fall asleep when they are with their favorite animal, while on the other hand, they say that this is not good for health. Therefore, in this article, there will be information to consider the pros and cons of sleeping with a pet cat.

Quoted from the page my Animals, the real statement is that the cat took the initiative to sleep with its owner. It wasn’t the owner who wanted to sleep with the cat first. Therefore, this habit will affect the relationship between the owner and the cat.

Sleeping with a cat has a number of benefits, including:

1. Intense relationship between owner and pet will be closely intertwined. Physical contact that occurs during sleep will effectively establish a strong bond.

2. We will feel calmer when sleeping with a favorite cat.

3. Help start the day well. Yes, when we wake up and find the cat beside the body, then we will be happy for him. Especially when the cat hugs us.

Perhaps by reading the benefits above, you will think that someone who suffers from insomnia will easily sleep if they are with a cat.

This can happen, but you should not forget to consider the following bad things when sleeping with a cat:

1. Cats are nocturnal creatures while humans have a different cycle of activity with them. So instead of getting a good night’s sleep, our sleep will be disturbed because they are active after midnight.

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2. We can be allergic to cat dander. Not to mention if they play outside the house which can carry parasites or diseases that are transmitted to humans.

3. If your cat is still a baby, it is possible that his master’s body will be crushed.

Thus the consideration of the good and bad of sleeping with a cat. If you want to stay with them, make sure they are healthy and clean. This is a basic thing to prevent transmission.

Next, you also have to regularly clean the sofa or bed so that the hairs that stick do not stick there.